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It's been quite some time since I went this route, but after the day I had yesterday, I felt it was time to, as the above subject states, get back to the basics on what I used the journal for.

This would've been up hours ago had the computer decided against cutting off the internet connection sometime last night.

Adventure Comics #1

I wasn't able to pick up Legion of 3 Worlds, but I did skim through the majority of the series to find out that in the 31st Century Kid Flash & Superboy were brought back to life, took on Superboy Prime and were able to send him back to his world-just like he originally wanted, but not in the way he'd intented. In this series, Conner's realizing that he took quite a lot of things for granted before his death in Infinite Crisis-how much Smallville meant to him, for example.

I liked how he tried to understand both Superman & Lex, having DNA from the greatest hero in Metropolis & the greatest villain. He asked himself what Superman does, and had a pretty long list when it comes to the Man of Steel-living with the Kents, went to Smallville High, joined a team of superheroes-the Teen Titans, which included a funny cameo appearance by Kid Flash-and helped out a teenage girl who needed it. (Krypto flying in to save the day was quite humorous.)

At finding out what Lex does, which is lying to Superman, that was just as humorous as it was truthful. Since that was the only thing on Luthor's list, it leaves you wondering what's next for the Boy of Steel. The second feature with the Legion of Superheroes was okay in my POV, but I'd tried to understand said team back when Supergirl had been on the team. It didn't quite work out.

"...Even Superman gets cats out of trees. And that is one cute cat." -Superboy, Conner Kent

Blackest Night: Batman #1

Despite the intrigue Blackest Night has, I'd rather keep things simple & less costly when it comes to something as big as this event so I picked up this issue much like I did when it came to Battle For The Cowl #1-3 a few months ago. Having a few of Dick's enemies, Tim's enemies and both of their parents 'resurrected' as Black Lanterns will be quite problematic for the new Batman, Robin, ally Deadman & Red Robin to handle. With the latter being recalled to Gotham from Paris to help, things appear to be quite interesting when the 2nd issue comes out.

"It's different when it's one of your own. When it's someone close..." -Batman, Dick Grayson

Red Robin #1-#3

For about 20 years, from 1989-2009, Tim Drake has been the 3rd Boy Wonder, replacing Jason Todd after his death at the hands of the Joker and being replaced for 3 months-our time, if you weren't going by 'comic book' time-by then-girlfriend Stephanie Brown. Upon becoming the new Batman, Dick took away the role of Robin from his brother without his approval or even mentioning it and gave it to Damian Wayne; I don't approve of him, or his attitude as it reminds me of Jason.

Since then, Tim has left Gotham and his old life behind, cutting himself off from those closest to him which included Stephanie, otherwise known as the Spoiler shown in the 2nd issue, and Wonder Girl-Cassandra Sandsmark; that was shown in the most recent issue, on a worldwise quest to find Bruce Wayne. (He's the only person who believes his adopted father is alive, or so he thought. Ra's al Ghul also is curious to learn of Batman's final fate and is seemingly determined to help Tim out.)

Tim took on the role of Red Robin from the previous people who once held the name-a Dick Grayson from another world, Jason Todd who used the name in numerous worlds, and the last guy before Tim: one of his old adversaries, Ulysses Armstrong, previously known as The General-as he's convinced that with Armstrong's acts against Tim when he was Robin, the name of Red Robin is tarnished and has no connections to Batman, Bruce or Dick. The 4th issue looks like it will tie up this first arc quite well, as writer Christopher Yost mentioned that Tim's worldwide journey will span an entire year; with 3 months down, that leaves 9 to go.

"I want to be here for you. I don't want to lose you, too...You said that Batman needed a Robin. So what happens when Robin needs a Robin?" -Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark


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