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Damian Wayne, created-and raised-in a vat of chemicals, is the 'son' of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. He's a character who's upbringing-around the League of Assassins-as well as downright annoying attitude toward everyone makes him a 10-year-old kid that you either love to hate or hate to love. I fall more toward the former in this case for quite a few reasons, even if in the recent Red Robin #14 issue he throws a surprising 180 for just a moment. (Surprisingly, if there's anything I actually like about the brat, it's that he refers to his 'allies' by their last names-Grayson, Drake, Pennyworth...)

Damian is introduced in the Batman & Son arc, who had been raised by not only Talia but the League to kill at a young age-he wasn't even released from the laboratory he was born in until the age of 10, at which Batman finally discovered he had a 'biological' son. Damian's attitude-spoiled, precocious and violent by nature-rubs off on a lot of people the wrong way, Tim Drake-the then-current Robin-on that list as during a fight between the two, Tim is sucker-punched by Damian off the top of the famous Tyrannosaurus head as the latter's goal is to replace the former as the Boy Wonder. (Damian believes that only Bruce's true son should be by his side, as despite his previously mentioned attitude he does have a geniune need to be accepted by Bruce and want to aid him in his war on crime.

He doesn't appear for some time until another arc - The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, where Damian ran to the Batcave in an attempt to seek his father's help. He runs into Robin and due to what happened the last time, Tim doesn't believe Damian and he starts the fight between them this time. It's renewed for a brief time in front of Alfred in the mansion as Damian went to him for help in finding Bruce, but this time it ends without a winner as the two-along with Nightwing-had to work together-not just this time, but later on near the end-to prevent the League from acheiving their goal of using Damian's body-as well as Tim's-to resurrect Ra's. (He ends up being restored fully anyway, but neither Tim or Damian were sacrificed.)

With a brief appearance in the Batman R.I.P. arc, Damian returns once more in Batman: Battle for the Cowl living in Gotham under Dick and Alfred's care. He's taken the Batmobile for a joyride which gets him in trouble with Oracle as well as Nightwing-plus getting shot by former Robin Jason Todd, who usurped the mantle of Batman in this arc. Damian recovers and, along with London's version of Robin-named Squire-rescues Tim Drake from certain death. This return is permanent as shortly after these events, Damian is given the role of Robin by Dick himself, who believes that Tim is his equal and not a protege; Damian will need proper guidance so he doesn't kill anymore. Since then, the 'little upstart' has proven himself not only worthy of being Robin but also willing to follow Dick's orders-to a point-and has a begrudging sort of respect for Stephanie Brown, Alfred, and Dick. Tim, however...

Since he's recently returned to Gotham as Red Robin, things are still questionable between them especially since Damian discovered that Tim was doing the same thing Bruce has quite a few times-keeping tabs on the heroes as well as the villains-and guess who ends up being part of that list?

I'll Drive...Pure Gold!

That scene takes place shortly before another fight breaks out between Tim and Damian which the latter initiates during their patrol for the first time as a 'team.' Tim's 'head voice' during this fight was awesome, though one phrase in of itself was epic: ...As stupid as it sounds, if this idiot is ever going to respect me...I'M GOING TO HAVE TO KICK HIS ASS!

Tim won this encounter between himself and Damian, stating that 'You lost the second I started TRYING!' The one problem? Their fight ended at Crime Alley...near the abandoned theatre where Bruce's parents were killed, and where Batman was born.

Damian's outburst in the Batcave later is somewhat surprising-but not much-as he makes this statement: "I have done ALL that has been asked of me! I control aspects of my upbringing that NEITHER of you could BEGIN to understand...and I am dismissed...by HIM...as a threat to be monitored for some HIDDEN AGENDA?! It isn't fair...!" Tim's response toward Dick later-kinda humorous, but he does show regret for his actions. "Didn't think the homunculus would care to try, much less be hurt by it..." Dick's brief explanation is great as usual and shows the camaraderie between the two brothers hasn't been broken. "Just realize that not everyone can detach themselves emotionally as easily as you can...though I did notice I'm not up there."

"You never would be."

Another one of Dick's statements shows that this might not be the last time the two brothers-by name only if not in blood-will have to co-exist. "Listen, I'll talk to Damian, but I think you and him..."

"Are going to keep being me and him. I can deal with that, Dick. So can he."

"Yeah...I guess so can I."

Another example that Tim and Damian's paths will eventually cross again while totally disregarding the fact-for now-that they live in Wayne Tower? The October release of Teen Titans #88.

"Your evening bore fruit?" - Damian Wayne

"Low hanging. You ever talk like a ten-year-old...?" - Tim Drake, Red Robin #14

Date: 2010-07-27 02:11 pm (UTC)
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I fell in love with Steph when she stepped up to be the new Batgirl. Don't get me wrong I loved Cass, but I loved her more before the timeskip where she learned to read and write and speak perfectly and went through all those totally random personality changes via plot holes that were paved over later.

But yes, I love Steph and even more I love Steph when she's working with Damian. I thought he was a little jerkass when I first saw him too. I even thought he was Jason Todd 2.0 because J.T was kind of a jerk ass when he started out. The difference is Damian for some reason wormed his way into my heart where Jason Todd was...well beaten to death at the will of the readers and brought back as a confusing plot device.

Date: 2010-07-27 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_red_x/
Oh, yes. I enjoyed Steph pre-and post-Batgirl, actually. Even though she had a brief tenure as Robin herself, it seems that she can weather the storm much better with a bat on her chest than an R or wearing eggplant. Cassandra made being Batgirl work in her own way for her entire run, and if Dick doesn't return to being Nightwing...?

Stephanie tolerating Damian works since I tolerate him that exact same way-he's someone you can work with if it's not on a long-term basis. Jason...he works as the anti-hero to a point. That point being where he believes you have to kill to get a point across.


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