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I find it nearly humorous to realize that I actually made time to try and work on at least one of my self-promised reviews only 19 days after I stated that I would do so. (Revolving around Young Justice, I'll get to that next week hopefully, and as for Red Robin, Teen Titans and yesterday's released Supergirl I'll pan out during the weekend after work on Saturday.

Saturday also happens to be my Mom's birthday, but as I still haven't got paid yet any presents I would've tried to get her I can't until the following week.

As Stephanie has grown into her role as Batgirl over the past semester, though in our time she's had the role for over a year, she'll come to realize in the following mini-saga that as Barbara Gordon puts it, "It isn't about approval...this can't be about proving your innocence; this is about someone else being guilty."

How does this aforementioned mini-saga start out? By a quick, three-page retelling of the history of the entire Bat family! Stephanie explained it as best she could in quite the hilarious fashion to Wendy 'Proxy' Harris, and as much as I wish every story could be done in this manner I'm glad DC Comics doesn't overdo something as rare as this.

Bryan Miller introduced who could very well be a part of Stephanie's own personal Rogues Gallery in Batgirl #15 by having a team of guys in robes attack one of her friends-Newton, as introduced in September's Batgirl #14-who are known as the Order of the Scythe. In semi-hilarious irony, Batgirl gets some 'help' from an adversary-turned-kinda-hero in a mad bomber who she put away back in Batgirl #9 but was released via reasons of mental instability; case in point by the bomber disguising himself in a role I doubt Bruce Wayne would find humorous at all - the Grey Ghost.

"Be honest, O - is THIS why everyone hated Spoiler?!"

"I think I'd rather lie to your face later."


While Barbara & Stephanie's rapport is awesome to see, sadly it turns out that Newton's second appearance ends up being his last one as the Order kills him for attempting to defy them. The Order also manages to make it appear that Batgirl murdered Newton which has her, as of Batgirl #16, on the run from the Gotham PD-while labeled as a fugitive-as well as hated by most of Gotham U! (Cue Barbara's saying from above about approval, innocence and guilt.)

One member of Gotham's boys in blue doesn't believe her to be guilty, which brings about a moment I totally agree with Barbara on: "This isn't awkward at all." When we're shown a quick scene with the newest member of Team Batgirl, she's broken into Gotham U and reminds me why I find her very awesome:

"'Team Batgirl' my ass...this wasn't the kind of hero support I had in mind when I signed up...! More like the adventures of Batgirl, Oracle...and that other girl - !" She briefly mentions her late brother Marvin, and while it appears that she's talking to herself I believe she's only recalling in her mind what he would say directly to her if he was there. In this case, it was 'help is help.' (Regardless of where she was at or what she was doing, Barbara believed in Wendy's abilities.)

Wendy is concerned for a moment about Stephanie's whereabouts when Babs gets a hold of her but she's kept on the task at hand by a quick reassurance that Steph's plucky. Finding out that Batgirl's okay, Proxy briefly explains that she was given the near-herculean task of building a composite of a flash drive that the 'Reapers' took from Newton prior to his death. It was hard but not impossible, as Wendy had discovered that the terminal she was using was where Newton uploaded all his information onto his drive in the first place...and then campus security finds her.

"Are you seriously kicking out a girl in a wheelchair?!

"Please don't tell me you really just said that!"

Moments like Wendy's witty remarks-and the last one she gave to the security guard-are more than enough to show that the girl has earned her place on Team Batgirl: "Now-you can leave, or I can help push you over to campus jail."

"Oh, no - not CAMPUS jail!"

Stephanie did figure out that the Reapers were responsible and found out that she didn't have to prove to the Gotham police about her innocence or their guilt after Oracle helped send footage to the police that proved she hadn't killed anyone. Unfortunately they were able to get away from custody and while Batgirl vowed that she would find them and bring them to justice, the Order of the Scythe deemed that if Batgirl tried to cross the Reapers again, she wouldn't walk away.

(The hidden meaning in the subject is as such - back when Red Robin was Robin, in early 2006, he himself was framed for murder-the murder of the previous Batgirl-which was pretty much similar, but not much, in how Nightwing was framed for murder himself but he came up with a new alias so Batman wouldn't be compromised.)

After a semi-dramatic, near-filled with Bat-angst, story like that one a breather was needed even if it was only two parts. Enter last week's released issue which has already gotten quite the response, even from critics, concerning two people who don't particularly like each other but have to get along to work together on a Batman: Inc. case...

The current stated while I bite back the sound of disgust and sarcasm in my tone Robin, known as Damian Wayne is discovered by Alfred to have only slept about an hour or two at night. While it's admirable that he tries to pattern himself after Bruce, Alfred states that he needs adequate sleep and nutrition. The brat kid irks me by insulting Alfred's cooking but I grin when noticing that he records personal entries via a Red Casebook activated from his watch.

And we jump to the current heroine of the series...oversleeping once again as well as drooling. Disgusting on some terms yes, but also humorous in others. She wakes up, eats a quick breakfast while talking with Mom, and runs into Robin as Batgirl while he's interrogating a school crossing guard. On a school day.

"Any chance either of you could let me down?"


Their back-and-forth retorts of snark to each other, while hilarious at best, we find out that Stephanie is on a mission from Batman himself..."Not to devalue other Batman-Batman." (Other Batman-Batman would be Dick Grayson, while 'Batman himself' is Bruce.) With what seems like reluctance on both parties' parts, they agree to work together to solve this case involving middle class Gothamite children; Damian himself is part of Gotham's elite. The kids end up on a field trip to the Gotham Children's Museum, and the Dysfunctional Duo keep tabs on them as they enter but note they'd have to go inside to continue watching out for them.

Guess who had to go undercover and literally keep the kids in plain sight? (Quick, short moment of laughter.) During this part with Damian having to do his best to blend in with the kids-specifically, a girl named Nell-I was surprised to discover that, much like Stephanie, my heart broke for him just a bit. Sympathy actually crept in for him a page over when Stephanie noted via her inner voice that due to his training via the League of Assassins, growing up with only his Mom until the age of 10, etc, Damian has no idea how to...play like regular kids. The moment's over when the Duo find the children's real bus driver and realize that the kidnappers didn't just want one kid-they wanted them all.

With the kids on a bus and being told what to do by their kidnappers, one of the latters' retort to Nell is suddenly brought to a halt by...a sword! (While in his role as Nightwing, starting back in the latter part of the 1990s, Dick used escrima fighting sticks; Tim Drake as Robin, carried over into his role as Red Robin, used a fighting collapsible staff which Stephanie now uses herself as her ex-boyfriend and Cassandra-former Batgirl-trained her with. Damian? Uses swords and knives.)

"I swear to crap if that thing comes back out with blood on it...!"

I'm almost 50% sure I didn't hit a child."

"And if you hit an adult?!"

"Do you really think they would think twice about - ?!

Moment of hilarity was broken up by the usual gunshots and whatnot but it was brought into play again, as Batgirl did her best to take the fight to the kidnappers...while Robin tried TO DRIVE THE FREAKING BUS!

"This may not have been my best plan." You think, Damian?

The mission overall was a success, as not only were Nell and the students onboard the bus saved but the safehouse where the other children were at was found, plus Stephanie found some time a little after nightfall to actually show Damian what it was like to have fun.

"I wasn't raised to have fun."

"Then why are you smiling?"

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are."

"No, I am not!"

"Sure looks like a smile."

"I'm thinking about stabbing you."

"Which would be fun?"


So, long story short, this stand-alone issue of Batgirl #17 has me kinda-sorta liking comics!Damian to a point-still need to figure out his role with the Titans and I'm hoping #91 will shed light on that subject next week, as well as next month's Red Robin/Teen Titans crossover.

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