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This day has had me on top of the world and feeling like I could hit something bad enough to seriously injure both my hands. I wouldn't feel better, but it would be a way to disperse these painful emotions I feel right now.

While at Wal-Mart, I came across something that I enjoy quite often, so I got it, as well as a magazine from Tower Records. I went to the mall as planned and ended up getting Superboy #100 and found out precisely how Kon-El originally came to live with Superman's parents. Afterward, when I went to hang out with my friends, disaster struck.

One of my friends slapped me across the face when I made a joking comment to my best friend, and I was sorely tempted to slap her back; I didn't do so, naturally, but the shock and surprise that she had actually done that was evident in my eyes. My mood worsened when she ended up pissed off at me because her significant other told me to watch out for her and not tell her about this; she found out when my best friend accidentally revealed what had been said. I got sick and tired of being given the shaft repeatedly and tried to calm down.

Basically, I forgave her for what happened, as she did me, but it will be quite a while before I can fully trust her again concerning anything. The quote for this evening comes from the One Year Later current issue of Teen Titans.

"I have my share of problems, but they're nothing I can't handle." -Robin, Teen Titans #34


Feb. 19th, 2006 03:07 pm
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The week has not started off with a good start-not one bit. Reason being? My boss ended up leaving yesterday for a very important assignment, and didn't get to sign my check-meaning I didn't get paid!

Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but I had plans with this week's payment. Now I can't get any of them done until I get a check handed to me, make my way to the nearest bank and get it cashed! It looked quite cloudy while I was heading home, and if it had started raining, I wouldn't have even cared. The only reason I would have to use the umbrella I'd brought was because I'd been wearing my leather jacket.

It seems like whenever anything negative happens to me, I feel like hitting something. I don't, but instead, brood over it or keep it bottled up. Not a good thing, I know, but not much else I can do.
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If I had to describe how my day went, it would be as such: 10 for the morning/afternoon, 7 for the evening, -30 for 11:30 and beyond.

The reason being, I had a good time with my grandfather as always. I was even able to finish the homework for my class this Monday while there. My mother and I were there a bit too long, but that didn't matter. We stopped by her office for a time, which is always good. Once again, I got to partake in the eating of some cake, which may or may not have been a good thing.

Things took a downward spiral as the day turned into evening and night. While watching Patlabor, I was informed-in no uncertain terms-that the dishes had best be done, else if they remained as they were come the morning, the consequences would be truly dire. It was a warning, but I heard it as a warning/threat. I don't know why, but I was left with a bitter feeling in my mouth afterward.

To make things even more satisfying, while taking a small break prior to doing the dishes, I felt a displeasing pain in the pit of my stomach that seemed to crawl up into my chest. I haven't felt this since I was younger, and never enjoyed that feeling even then-the feeling you get when you're about to reveal what you've had for lunch and/or dinner via your mouth.

I still have that feeling within the back of my throat and my chest, but only a partial one. I don't think I'm real sick, but I wonder what this will mean for the upcoming week, or if I'll even be able to do anything that I have planned tomorrow.

"Be patient and tough; some day, this pain will be useful to you." -Leonardo Da Vinci
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It's been a week since my cousin graced my home with her presence-and, the results have been close to predictable, but not quite.

The only time this week has been at all pleasant at home was when I left Tuesday for school, visited some friends afterward, then came home to an empty house. Apparently, she stayed over at someone else's house for the evening, then came home sometime around Wednesday afternoon.

Her moods aren't pleasing to hear, nor are her conversations on the phone, but I simply just turn on some music or read something in my room. Yet, there's one thing I truly detested-when she left a message on her friend's answering machine concerning me and my internet time, then did the same thing while she was talking with her friend! (sighs bitterly)

I'm not one for "tattling," but I plan to inform my mother about this when I get the chance to do so. My cousin has no right to make a comment like that about me and what I do at all-whether I was in hearing range or not.

Teen Titans #5; Teen Titans #8; Superman #223 )
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If yesterday went splendidly, then today felt like torment-so to speak.

After waking up around 8:30, nearly 9:00, I realized I had overslept-something I enjoy, but not when it gets in between me having to set up for a wake following a funeral that will start promptly at 11:00 AM. (The wake; the funeral, I assume, will be at either 9:00 or 10:00.)

Setting up for the wake means I get an extra day of work, meaning I get paid extra. I also have to set things up for a reception following a wedding that will take place on Saturday. (Though, I suppose I could just leave the set up the same as I had it set up today and just take out the trash like usual.)

Anyway, while finishing with my set up earlier, I accidentally banged my middle fingernail against a pipe. That cause led to the effect of blood pouring out almost instantly from my finger. Nevertheless, I was furious with myself for allowing that to happen, even if it was a simple mistake. I wasn't anywhere near any band-aids at the time, so I had to use some paper towels from the bathroom in order to stop the flow of blood. I was successful in doing so, and I have the dried blood on my finger to show for it. Ick and ew.

To sour my mood even more, I read something yesterday evening, and upon doing so...it left a feeling of despair, loneliness and pain within my heart. Those emotions haven't changed or left since then.

The only good thing that happened to me today-besides hanging out with some friends-was seeing the season premiere of Smallville. Done quite well, and I liked how they remembered the late Sam Loeb, son of Jeph Loeb, who is the current writer for the latest Supergirl book and Superman/Batman. (He's currently writing his final arc on the latter, and will focus on Supergirl following Superman/Batman #25, I believe. I figure someone else will pick up where he left off, hopefully.)

The quote for this evening comes from one of my back issues.

"Things aren't so cut and dried for some of us." -Tim Drake, Batman Allies: Secret Files & Origins 2005


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