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Despite being nearly 30 minutes late to the comic store yesterday morning, I was still able to pick up this month's Red Robin and Batgirl issues. I'll wait approximately 4 more days before putting up the latter's review while as for the former...

There's a reason this month's quote is based on the protagonist's inside voice.

Once a Teen Titan, Always a Teen Titan...Right? )
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I find it nearly humorous to realize that I actually made time to try and work on at least one of my self-promised reviews only 19 days after I stated that I would do so. (Revolving around Young Justice, I'll get to that next week hopefully, and as for Red Robin, Teen Titans and yesterday's released Supergirl I'll pan out during the weekend after work on Saturday.

Saturday also happens to be my Mom's birthday, but as I still haven't got paid yet any presents I would've tried to get her I can't until the following week.

She could've just said it was 'complicated...!' )

After a semi-dramatic, near-filled with Bat-angst, story like that one a breather was needed even if it was only two parts. Enter last week's released issue which has already gotten quite the response, even from critics, concerning two people who don't particularly like each other but have to get along to work together on a Batman: Inc. case...

There's hope for him yet. )
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Happy New Year, everyone! 2010 was an up-and-down year for most people and hopefully 2011 will be just a little bit better in the long run. (For me, I had my fair share of good and bad last year so I'm pretty cool with how it turned out - mostly.)

Based on the same name of the comic book that had a pretty decent run from 1998-2003, the new series from Cartoon Network entitled Young Justice, makes it's debut this upcoming Friday at 7:00 and along with my regular critiques of Red Robin and Batgirl, I'll be observing how this series pans out. (I will get around to posting my takes on the last 2 months of both aforementioned issues; the obvious differences between comic!YJ's Robin & Impulse as well as TV!YJ's Robin & Kid Flash were shown from the start with some similarities.) I'll also start making my opinion known on comic!Teen Titans and the new beginning that started back in October 2010 which will lead to a Red Robin/Teen Titans crossover in February. It's one I've been anticipating and waiting for as it finally reunites Tim Drake with his best friends as well as another encounter confrontation with his successor/brother/rival.

Here's to a great and productive 2011!
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For a month, comic book-wise at least, all Bat-related issues are shelved to reintroduce the return of The 'Bat'Man...Bruce Wayne in the DC Universe. The cliffsnotes are as follows - for about over a year or so now, Bruce Wayne was believed to be dead by everyone who knew him from the first Robin, then-Nightwing and now (one of 2) Batman Dick Grayson, to the Man of Steel Superman.

Only one person believed that he was still alive, and for almost a year - but only a few months DCUwise - he had alienated himself from his family and friends to find evidence to support his theory: Tim Drake, former Robin and now donning the identity of Red Robin. Tim discovered that Bruce wasn't only alive, but lost in time. Eventually the others came around to that same realization and Tim reconciled with his family before informing them of his findings.

The 6-issue miniseries titled The Return of Bruce Wayne hasn't been completed yet, issue 5 having only come out today, but it chronicles the Dark Knight's journey through time as he attempts to reclaim his memories of who he is.

As for the October-related month...

Red Robin & Batgirl #1 )
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The day, so far, has gone routine-for the most part. I purposely overslept in the morning, though why I did so is beyond me.

I went to the comic book store and was amazed to see that the Teen Titans have finally caught up with their issues; starting next month, the Titans and the Outsiders are in synchronization once again. I was also amazed to see the current issue of Solo, with Damion Scott as the artist/writer, back on the shelf. Sure, it was only one issue, and the price was a bit steep, but I couldn't afford to let it slip past me again; I picked up those two issues, despite the fact that I wanted to get Supergirl & The Legion of Superheroes #18 as well as The New Avengers #19. Hopefully those will be there next week, after the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone.

Solo #10, Teen Titans #36 )

The End...

Feb. 15th, 2006 02:03 pm
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My day went pretty well today, despite the cold air I had to contend with on my way to work and when I was heading to the comic book store. With Valentine's Day over, it brings about the end of other things as well-such as the two sagas I purchased today; one being a 4-part miniseries, the other being a monthly issue that had been shipped out by DC Comics since February of 2000 and, in a shocking twist of fate, ends February of 2006.

Batgirl #73; Danger Girl #4 )
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Other than being woken up by the morning rain showers that poured down until around 9:00 AM, my day has gone exceptionally well. I went into work, did what I needed to do there, headed down to Heroes, bought two DC Comics issues-as well as two Marvel Comics issues; hence the subject header-got home, worked on my assignment for my evening class, called my grandfather-but didn't get to talk with him long, since he was planning on going somewhere for a while-and got online for a short time.

This update, strangely enough, due to my specific detail, took me virtually over an hour to complete. Next week, I'm going to try and cut the time in half-if I can.

Batgirl #72; Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4; Infinite Crisis #4; Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22 )
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I ended up doing the same thing this week that I did the last week-headed into Heroes first, since I ended up making myself late by taking a bit too long in the shower, before going by my work. It worked out for the best, I think. Not only did I pick up the issues mentioned below, but I came across a Spider-man book-called Carnage in New York-that I hadn't read in a long time, and bought it. (I wanted to get The Venom Factor hardcover, since that cost only $9.00, but my choices on what to buy this week prevented me from doing so. If it's still there next week, perhaps I'll get to buy it then.)

I haven't reread the aforementioned Spider-Man book, but hope to find time to do so later on.

Batgirl #71; Infinite Crisis #3; Robin #145 )
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Aside from a headache that I've just recently felt within the center of my head, the day went pretty well. I made it to work early, did what I needed to do, left early and made it just in time for Heroes to open. (Truthfully, I made it around 9:30 or so, but still quite early.)

Upon arrival, only one issue that I had been anticipating had arrived-Batgirl #67, as mentioned above. http://www.dccomics.com/media/covers/3977_400x600.jpg

True, I have been eager for the 4-part WarCrimes saga, yet I haven't come across the first part since two weeks ago. (sighs) Anyway, I bought the previously mentioned issue, as well as Supergirl #1-that had the other cover on it. http://www.dccomics.com/media/covers/3986_400x600.jpg

Back to Batgirl, however: This one was an excellent follow-up to last month's issue and showed the slow, but eventual, bond reformed between Barbara and Cassandra. (As evidenced on the next to last page.) It was intriguing to hear that Shiva wants Black Canary as an apprentice and had taught her moves. The artwork was stunning, as usual, and the helmet Batgirl uses when she drives her motorcycle looks astounding.

I now have $32.00 remaining as a result of buying those issues, plus a tape of an event from 2002. After a small trip to the 2nd Dimension tomorrow, I plan to save the remainder of my money-which should be around or less than $30.00. I also plan to do something regarding getting a second job. The quote for today comes from Batgirl #67.

"You make me know change is real." -Oracle

"Cool." -Cassandra, Batgirl #67: Bird Calls
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Being woken up around 6:20 AM wasn't something I had expected one bit. I stay up until a certain time of night, then head to bed. Though, if I need to, I stay up later than normally. (grins) I have someone to thank for my changes to my sleep clock.

My plans for today aren't much, but they're what I can fit into my schedule: head to work, then get onto a bus, and head to my college. Reason being? Near there is a comic book store, and they have a pretty good collection of back issues, and since I was paid, I plan to get some issues while I still can, hopefully. Afterward, I plan to get home, and must embark on another self-appointed mission-cleaning the bathroom. Yay.

The quote for this morning comes from the current issue of Batgirl.

"Even when I don't look for it...trouble finds me." -Cassandra, Batgirl #66

Robin #50

Jul. 23rd, 2005 07:15 pm
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Despite the hot, humidity of the day, today was actually a good day. (points to cover) Thanks to that company, and that site.

I had mailed the intended money to Mile High Comics on Monday July 11, 2005, and the issue reached me today. Over a week long, but they say patience is a virtue. At times, it helps to be patient. Also, as promised, are my thoughts on two certain issues I collected this past week.

Batgirl #66: The issue was good, yet the unexpected kiss between Cassandra and Zero threw me off. Tossing in the OMAC disguised as a woman threw me off as well, but I suppose that links the book-somewhat-with The OMAC Project. I hope Cassandra will appear in costume in the next issue, when the Birds of Prey guest-star.

JSA Classified #1: This one was really good, and it helped that I chose to "step out of my familiar surroundings, and try something new" as someone once said to me. I enjoyed seeing Power Girl's past, and the numerous possibilities of where she came from, yet saw a predictable trend-somewhat-concerning nearly too many panels of...her upper body. I'm eager to see how the Legion will fit into this, yet am even more anticipating the debut of the new Supergirl comic book next month. The quote for this afternoon/evening comes from my mailed issue. (I know I have two of the same issue, but one of them doesn't have torn out pages).

"What can you do to make a difference...?" -Robin, Robin #50


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