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The day was decent enough, as I was able to purchase the next issue of Nightwing as planned. Afterward, I went over to my friend's house, then over to another friend's house, and we all hung out for a time until a few of us had to go home. I was able to make it home a little after 5:30, which wasn't too bad in my opinion.

Nightwing #119 )
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Aside from a headache that I've just recently felt within the center of my head, the day went pretty well. I made it to work early, did what I needed to do, left early and made it just in time for Heroes to open. (Truthfully, I made it around 9:30 or so, but still quite early.)

Upon arrival, only one issue that I had been anticipating had arrived-Batgirl #67, as mentioned above. http://www.dccomics.com/media/covers/3977_400x600.jpg

True, I have been eager for the 4-part WarCrimes saga, yet I haven't come across the first part since two weeks ago. (sighs) Anyway, I bought the previously mentioned issue, as well as Supergirl #1-that had the other cover on it. http://www.dccomics.com/media/covers/3986_400x600.jpg

Back to Batgirl, however: This one was an excellent follow-up to last month's issue and showed the slow, but eventual, bond reformed between Barbara and Cassandra. (As evidenced on the next to last page.) It was intriguing to hear that Shiva wants Black Canary as an apprentice and had taught her moves. The artwork was stunning, as usual, and the helmet Batgirl uses when she drives her motorcycle looks astounding.

I now have $32.00 remaining as a result of buying those issues, plus a tape of an event from 2002. After a small trip to the 2nd Dimension tomorrow, I plan to save the remainder of my money-which should be around or less than $30.00. I also plan to do something regarding getting a second job. The quote for today comes from Batgirl #67.

"You make me know change is real." -Oracle

"Cool." -Cassandra, Batgirl #67: Bird Calls


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