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The week in itself was...decent and good, with some bad thrown from every angle. (During my next update, I plan to talk about my thoughts of Nightwing #120 and my displeasure at the price raising up.) Tomorrow, around 8:00 AM or so, my mother and I are off to Anaheim to celebrate my cousin's birthday. A huge part of me hopes that I will be woken up around 6:00 or 6:30, though. I had been asleep when my grandmother passed on two years ago, at 6:45 AM.

This weekend will be joyous for a number of reasons-the fact that I will celebrate my cousin's 9th birthday, and that I will spend the majority of Sunday with my mother. (The reason I'm going to say this now is because I doubt I'll be putting up an update on Sunday-though, if things change, I just might.)

To all mothers around the world, I wish you a happy, joyous and safe Mother's Day.

"I'm living in your world...When do I get to live in mine?" -Robin, Young Justice #20
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A milestone will take place within minutes from now, as my subject header clearly states. It involves family-specifically, my family-which is why I feel the need to make this update after a slow, but somewhat good, day. I didn't get to do too much today-went to work and came home. Also had to type the resume I wrote last week and will have to have it printed come tomorrow when I go to the college.

I'll also need to stay at the college afterward, will go by a certain comic book store to pick up one issue-just one-and return to the college before 4:00. My mother will be picking me up, and we will meet up with my grandfather. Tomorrow, on September 20, 2005, my grandfather will officially be 85 years old. (grins faintly) See why I call it a milestone? The history books may not see it that way, but I do.

True, the date will be obsolete after the 20th, but I'm not one for punctuality, except for when it regards me being at a certain place within a scheduled amount of time. My mother instilled that into me. No quote for this post, either, but one will be present-pun not intended-in my next post.


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