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The week has literally been an up-and-down roller coaster. I hate the fact that my emotions are running rampant-I feel positive ones within the course of half a day, then feel negative ones the remainder of the day/evening.

Example-earlier, I was excited about the upcoming Spider-Man 3 and hoping that May 4 would get here soon; now, I'm doubtful about my own abilities since it feels like I'm in the same spot I've been in for some time. There is a silver lining that counters that thought-I took in some vital information, and completed some forms-this past Tuesday and am hopeful that it will result in my getting a job.

I'm currently not up to doing my usual reviews on my purchased issues from the past few weeks, but will see if I am when the weekend comes to a close. The quote comes from The Amazing Spider-Man #534, which features the confrontation between Spider-Man and Captain America.

"...As I feel this whole situation starting to unravel all around me, I just hope to God that I'm...right." Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #534
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Being filled with tons of positive-and negative-emotions all at once has left me at an impasse, so to speak. As such, I've purposely kept myself from updating as frequently as I would like. Tomorrow, after an appointment I had set up, I hope I'll be able to update on a few subjects that have been at the forefront of my mind as of late. And, yes-I have changed the quote despite the month of July not having ended just yet.

"A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend, one human soul whom we can trust utterly, who knows the best and worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults." -Charles Kingsley
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You'd think that with only five days now officially remaining until my birthday this Sunday, I would be like I normally am-excited, on pins and needles, and bouncing off the walls, for my upcoming birthday.

This past year has taught me otherwise, unfortunately.
Twenty-five is a milestone in it's own way-in some fashion or another-and, turning that age on Father's Day isn't something I'm looking forward to at all. A part of me may still feel resentment toward my own father, and that may never fully go away.

Speaking of emotions, I was quite upset this past week, and this past weekend when I went by Borders-and then Barnes and Noble-only to find out that the book I'm waiting for-the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days one-still hasn't arrived. Someone online that I know has already procured it, and while I am pleased he got it, I can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. I know it doesn't help and that I must be patient, but I should try and see this as a good thing. Perhaps sometime this week, I will be able to eventually come across the book.

The quote for this early morning comes from one of my now two Evangelion books. At not getting my Angelic Days manga, I picked up volume 3 of the current Evangelion series, and saw a quote or two that fit how I currently feel.

"Can't you have faith in your father's work?" -Rei Ayanami

"No. There's no way I can...not in a father like him." -Shinji Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume Three
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A new month, and sadly enough, it is the month that I no longer enjoy, save for one reason alone. My cousin's ninth birthday will be this month, and she will have a party on a day I really don't look forward to at all. Even though I plan on going to the party, on the inside I will be hurting.

I should have the new quote for this month up before I log off for the evening/morning, but that, along with the good news that I bought a manga yesterday afternoon for 30% off, is the only positive note that brings April to a close. (That, plus I chose to get a Borders Rewards card prior to my departure back for home.)

"You left me all alone!" -Wonder Girl, Teen Titans #34
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The weekend has truly taken a sour turn. While talking to a new friend that I was introduced to yesterday while hanging out with some other friends, I find out that she's going to start a relationship with one of my friends, and her friend, who's my friend as well, is going to start a relationship with another friend of mine.

Don't get me wrong-I'm truly pleased for them all, and hope that they can make this work for the best, if it becomes official. I just don't want to become the damned fifth wheel in this drama. I've felt like that before, and it felt shitty.

Normally I don't swear like this, but it kind of shows how upset I am, and it also shows that if I end up becoming the fifth wheel, I'm going to have to make some tough decisions regarding my friends.
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My day has gone partly well, aside from the fact that I literally fell asleep while on the job; not a pretty sight, even if I was on a couch and had over 1/2 of what I needed done. I got home when I completed my last task and ate a very late lunch that consisted of a friend's birthday cake leftovers-three pieces, but it was enough.

I finished yet another day of my weekly evening class-one day for the week which leads up to five days-and am somewhat at ease. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit my grandfather along with my mother out in the country. I'm not sure how long that will be, but I enjoy every moment I can spend with him these days. He isn't selling the house, which is great news for me and a feeling of despair has vanished since then.

As things go regarding this upcoming "holiday" within eleven days, I've decided not to let it get to me. A few characters I roleplay in certain communities will be "excited" when that day comes, but I will be neutral about the whole thing entirely.

"He...Clark...doesn't want you to get hurt." -The Batman

"In that case, tell him he's failed." -Supergirl, Superman/Batman #19/Supergirl #0
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Still Cold... )
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As the hours pass by and continue onward to that day of celebration, my mood has changed-somewhat-from what it was a few days ago. I'm eager for the day to come, but it doesn't have the same joy for me as years past. Perhaps it's because I'm alone this year, or because my mother bought my present a month ago and I can't be surprised by it whatsoever-whatever the reason, I don't find the season as exciting as I once did.

Still curious as to what the new year will bring, but I hope it will have a bit more joyful memories than this year has had. No quote for today, but during the next post I may have one.
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For the most part, I can look forward to a weekend of some goodness-"some" being that I will sleep in and watch television, if I feel the need to do so. "Some" also implies that my issue may finally come in. (It didn't do so this entire week, nor did it do so Friday, so my frustration was only slightly quelled by an amazing conversation I had moments ago.) Also made an icon of my picture and put it in my journal, as shown above.

I am a bit incensed by one thing-how my cousin could just use my glass of Mickey Mouse that I got at McDonald's during my senior year without even asking once if she could do so.

Batman: Detective Comics #796; Strikeforce-Superman: Action Comics #779; Robin #92; Teen Titans #28; JSA Classified #4 )


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