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Other than having to deal with allergies, which nearly turned into a serious cold, this entire past week, my Thanksgiving went well for me. I spent it with friends and family, enjoyed turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, a piece of cake, mashed potatoes and was thankful that I was able to have a good time this year.

Earlier this afternoon, my mother and I went by the mall and I looked around inside Suncoast-a store that sells movies, mangas, etc.-and was tempted to purchase a CD but eventually decided to buy an InuYasha DVD from the 5th Season, which showed the death of Kikyo and Kagome's realization about her feelings toward InuYasha. The reason I chose to buy the DVD was mainly because it cost 50% off and cost a lot less than the CD would've.

So far, the beginning of this final week of November is looking good, which I'm pleased about. The song mentioned below is sung by Tackey & Tsubasa, which was heard in the first episode on the aforementioned InuYasha DVD. The translation for said song is Graduation - Good Byes are for Tomorrow One Version, which I think suits it very well.

"You should shut up and let me protect you!" -InuYasha

"InuYasha...!" -Kagome
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My stack of patience is getting rather thin as this month zooms by. I ended up oversleeping and didn't wake up until a little past 8:00 AM this morning. As if that wasn't bad enough, I ended up over an hour late to work. I didn't get into any trouble, but I've had it instilled in me-thanks to my mother-to not be late to important duties.

The sun was just as hot as ever today while I mailed my order for my back issue around noon. I may enjoy summer, but I don't enjoy this humidity one damn bit.

I had the glorious assignment of cleaning the bathroom today. Simple, correct? It felt like anything but that. Everything went along well, truthfully, until I had to mop the bathroom floor. The mop suddenly broke on me when I'd just barely started mopping-meaning I couldn't finish my duties.

The computer froze on me twice whilst I was attempting to get online to get this update finished-that didn't help my mood any.

There are other reasons why I'm upset, but I'd rather not go into them at this current time. The quote for today fits me to a T-from Batgirl #59. I may have used it before, but like I said, it fits me to a T.

"He's quiet. But his body is filled with feelings screaming to get out." -Cassandra, Batgirl #59: Fresh Blood Part IV


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