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Currently hanging out with a friend of mine at the college, my day has gone somewhat decently. I got another haircut, but this one was free of charge-meaning I didn't have to pay, which was a good thing. The computer at home is currently having some problems, which isn't good. Hopefully this will be remedied soon, but I have my doubts.

Tomorrow, I get to go back to the clinic to get the left side of my teeth cleaned; afterward, I won't need to go in any longer. Despite the fact that I've enjoyed making these rounds, having to leave at 7:00 AM isn't something I enjoy these days. Within the next few days, I'll be picking up the latest Batman & Robin issues, as well as Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes and The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm especially looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

Today is known as the first day of Spring; haven't seen much of the sun, since it's been blocked by a ton of clouds. Technically, the 21st should be the first day, but that's a discussion I'd rather not get into.
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This was given to me by a friend on her LJ page. ([livejournal.com profile] domacatrix) I downloaded it and listened to it; it's pretty amazing! Never heard a single song by the singer of this particular song, but it's decent.

(lol) Wouldn't be surprised if these lyrics end up in a future issue of Supergirl or Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes.

Chorus: Haven't you heard?
I'm Supergirl
You don't wanna mess with me
I got your back
I know your every move
And I got everything you'll ever need

Supergirl Theme )
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Precision is the name of this game. Ten days after I was told that I would get a call, I got the call at 10:22 this morning-twelve hours and nearly 10 minutes-concerning my glasses. I headed down to the mall and ended up running into a friend of mine; he took a picture of me-my new default icon which is visible right now; the full size picture is seen below. (For some weird reason, my friend informed me of one of the passersby behind me after the picture was taken. I can easily guess the reason, but don't want to go into it now.)

Also got a back issue, but will leave a review about it sometime later on this week after I've gotten my other issues. Wasn't able to head by the college unfortunately, but getting my glasses makes up for that.

"Every one of us has a blackness within us." -Lex Luthor

"Lex. You just made the BIGGEST MISTAKE of what's left of your life!" -Dark Supergirl, Supergirl #3

Better Picture-Updated Haircut )
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My sickness seemed to increase on me twofold throughout today, so I've been forced to take medication and rest just so I can "nip this cold in the bud" as my mother put it.

Despite this, and a lot of other saddened things that's plaqued me throughout 2005, I'm determined to see that 2006 has a bit more joy in my life. Though, I have had a ton of good times in 2005-I've gotten to meet a ton of other cool people through my role-plays as Robin, and even if I haven't been able to keep in touch with most of them as much, I'm still pleased I got to meet them.

So, to all around the world who've already seen the clock strike midnight, I wish you all, and those after me, a very Happy New Year.

"...You don't know where you're going 'till you know where you've been." -Will Smith


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