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Despite the fact that I really, really, REALLY wanted to buy Batman Annual when I went by the comic book store after work, especially after reading through it, the price seemed a bit too steep for me. I ended up putting it back in the hopes that I'll be able to purchase it the following week.

The good news is that I was able to get two other issues, one of them being the first of two One Year Later issues that were released today. (The other one was JSA #83, and if I'm able to, I might get that one also.) My day went well, especially since the sun was shining brightly throughout the course of the morning and afternoon.

Tomorrow, I have my appointment scheduled at 10:00 AM in order to go over...paperwork, X-rays and cleaning of my teeth, since I wasn't able to get it done yesterday. All I'm gonna say about that is I'd better get injected with novocaine.

Infinite Crisis #5; Outsiders #34 )
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Other than being woken up by the morning rain showers that poured down until around 9:00 AM, my day has gone exceptionally well. I went into work, did what I needed to do there, headed down to Heroes, bought two DC Comics issues-as well as two Marvel Comics issues; hence the subject header-got home, worked on my assignment for my evening class, called my grandfather-but didn't get to talk with him long, since he was planning on going somewhere for a while-and got online for a short time.

This update, strangely enough, due to my specific detail, took me virtually over an hour to complete. Next week, I'm going to try and cut the time in half-if I can.

Batgirl #72; Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4; Infinite Crisis #4; Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22 )
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So far, the week has gone pretty good. I went by the college to see if I could set up an appointment with one of the job placement workers, but was handed a card instead. That means I must either call him or send him an e-mail to set up my appointment. Something I will need to think about this evening...

Infinite Crisis finally came out yesterday, and while I was enthralled by the intense action and drama amidst the pages, the majority of the book was defined in quite a good way by someone I know very well: "It was depressing as hell." After giving it some thought, I found myself agreeing entirely with the previously mentioned statement.

Young Justice #12; Young Justice #13; Supergirl #37; Infinite Crisis #1 )


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