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Other than having to deal with allergies, which nearly turned into a serious cold, this entire past week, my Thanksgiving went well for me. I spent it with friends and family, enjoyed turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, a piece of cake, mashed potatoes and was thankful that I was able to have a good time this year.

Earlier this afternoon, my mother and I went by the mall and I looked around inside Suncoast-a store that sells movies, mangas, etc.-and was tempted to purchase a CD but eventually decided to buy an InuYasha DVD from the 5th Season, which showed the death of Kikyo and Kagome's realization about her feelings toward InuYasha. The reason I chose to buy the DVD was mainly because it cost 50% off and cost a lot less than the CD would've.

So far, the beginning of this final week of November is looking good, which I'm pleased about. The song mentioned below is sung by Tackey & Tsubasa, which was heard in the first episode on the aforementioned InuYasha DVD. The translation for said song is Graduation - Good Byes are for Tomorrow One Version, which I think suits it very well.

"You should shut up and let me protect you!" -InuYasha

"InuYasha...!" -Kagome
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A new month, and with it comes the cold. I spent time yesterday with one of my friends who I don't see much, but made a point to do so. The 31st of October went by rather quickly, but that's how most days are.

I'm considering changing the wallpaper with another one, but if I do so it would have to take place later on this evening. Time, as fleeting as it is, wouldn't permit me to change it right now. Hence why the post is shorter than it would usually be. The quote for today comes from a past episode of InuYasha.

"InuYasha, you were the one who was unable to save her." -Sesshoumaru
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The marathon went off without a hitch, in my opinion. Having to be there at a very early time wasn't something that I was thrilled with, but got over it. I managed to complete the distance and go the entire two miles despite my 23-year condition and the fact that my left leg started hurting when I neared the halfway point. I believe that says something about myself regardless.

Ten days ago, I completed my layaway stint at Wal-Mart and got the DVDs that I had out-one being the fourth InuYasha movie, which was very awesome from start to finish; I still have to find time to watch the Japanese version. Other than looking-and not succeeding-in finding another job, I would say things are half full. (With two out of the four InuYasha movies in my possession, when time permits I'll be looking for the first two movies to complete my set. Today marks four months since my birthday passed, so eventually an opportunity will rise.)

With the changing of the seasons, my sinus headaches have returned full force. My mother just got over being sick and I wonder how long it will be before I end up bedridden. After my plans to go pick up today's new Robin issue and get some milk at Wal-Mart, I may take a break from job hunting for today and resume tomorrow morning.

"Yeah, yeah-'roar, roar' to you too, buddy. Let's get it over with!" -InuYasha


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