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My entire world-so to speak-may or may not have started crumbling down around me within the past number of hours.

It started only seconds after I was paid for this past week. I have to work for one more week, and starting during the furst full week of February-on the 5th, most likely-I won't be working. I'm more than positive that means I've been let go. The first emotional response I felt was denial, shock, anger and depression. Said emotions are still running through my mind right now as I type this.

I'm trying to see the good inside this-about being let go-but so far, I've seen absolutely nothing at all, dammit! I feel like screaming, but don't want to do so in front of my mother; I feel like crying, but don't feel up to revealing my emotions in that manner yet.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do now-I've been given a few suggestions, and do intend to take the advice to heart. I suppose that first I need to get through this emotional state of anger/depression. The quote for this evening is from a back issue of Robin.

"...It gets bad for everyone sometimes-everyone. I remember I'm not alone." -Robin, Robin #156
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A lot of ups and downs for me in 2006: meeting of new friends, departing of old friends, buying of various DVDs and/or comic books, a relentless job hunt that will continue on into this new year, as well as other odds and ends that I probably won't recall until after the clock has struck 12:00 AM. (At least here in Pacific Standard Time.)

Nevertheless, I will have hope and not give up, since anything is possible. For all those who I've recently met, known for quite a long time, or for those who I haven't met, I wish you all a joyous, safe and happy New Year in 2007.

"You should never lie, cheat, steal or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must cheat, cheat. If you must steal, steal away from bad company and if you must drink......drink in the moments that take your breath away." -Will Smith, Hitch
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The year in general has had it's share of ups and downs for me, but I'm determined to not let the bad things depress me during this month-like, a friend of mine moving away a couple weeks ago for example. Time, and being out of the house for quite a while has kept me from updating this journal, but I've kept as up-to-date on my RPing journals as best I can.

On the matter of the holiday season, I will be spending it with my immediate family-mother, grandfather, aunt and cousins, etc.-something that we haven't done since the year before my grandmother passed away. I still miss her a lot, especially during this time of the year. I'm not entirely sure about being out on the road, especially since Christmas marks the 4th anniversary since my mother and I hit a dog while coming home from visiting my grandparents back in December 25, 2002.

On the plus side, I will no doubt be looking after my little cousin this upcoming week since she will be staying with us. And, I have finally gotten around to changing my wallpaper to one I enjoy just as much; also changed the monthly quote since I was able to pick up this month's Batman: Detective Comics that features Robin-Tim Drake-finally facing off against the Joker.

It wasn't that difficult to not imagine hearing Mark Hamill's voice while reading the Jokeresque parts in the issue. The quote for this evening/morning comes from the aforementioned issue.

"It does my heart good to know that today's mindless youth has not forgotten the classics." -The Joker

"Don't make jokes. Just go 'Batman' on his ass." -Robin, Batman: Detective Comics #826
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Other than having to deal with allergies, which nearly turned into a serious cold, this entire past week, my Thanksgiving went well for me. I spent it with friends and family, enjoyed turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, a piece of cake, mashed potatoes and was thankful that I was able to have a good time this year.

Earlier this afternoon, my mother and I went by the mall and I looked around inside Suncoast-a store that sells movies, mangas, etc.-and was tempted to purchase a CD but eventually decided to buy an InuYasha DVD from the 5th Season, which showed the death of Kikyo and Kagome's realization about her feelings toward InuYasha. The reason I chose to buy the DVD was mainly because it cost 50% off and cost a lot less than the CD would've.

So far, the beginning of this final week of November is looking good, which I'm pleased about. The song mentioned below is sung by Tackey & Tsubasa, which was heard in the first episode on the aforementioned InuYasha DVD. The translation for said song is Graduation - Good Byes are for Tomorrow One Version, which I think suits it very well.

"You should shut up and let me protect you!" -InuYasha

"InuYasha...!" -Kagome
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The past week went well for me; even if I still haven't been able to procure myself another job, I was able to get out of the house for a time and looked throughout most of the week. Hopefully I will be able to continue to do so this week.

The weekend itself was quite good. My mother and I were able to get some pizza for lunch/dinner on Saturday and yesterday afternoon, sometime before 5:00 I was able to purchase myself a book, which turned out to be a crossover between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel called Cursed.

I'm already at chapter nine and probably would be nearly finished with the book if I hadn't spent time online yesterday evening but nonetheless it's still very intriguing to read about Angel and Spike-who are the main focus of this novel-any chance I get; both are amusing whenever they're united together.

Angel and Spike...On The Same Side? )
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Mother: What's that you're listening to? It sounds like classical music.

Me: (gravelly voice) It's The Batman. (Batman Begins soundtrack)

Mother: ...That's not classical.

Me: (regular voice; laughs lightly)

Said conversation took place quite early in the morning, around 7:00 AM so I felt it had to be 'immortalized' on the 'Net. My mother's instilled an urge in me to be up early and never late to wherever I go to, and it works at times-other times I find myself oversleeping, but that hasn't happened as much. The week went by fairly well, and the weekend so far is going by a bit slower but not much.

Tomorrow I had planned to go by Borders and buy a book but as Tower Records' percentage off continues to go down until they permanently close at the end of the month, I decided to head there instead and see if I can purchase myself a new set of headphones. Perhaps they will be at a price I could easily afford them in since I need a new set of headphones instead of wanting a book.

"I was wondering if you got cold feet about fighting me!" -Uzumaki Naruto

"...Chill out, you big dork!" -Uchiha Sasuke
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A new month, and with it comes the cold. I spent time yesterday with one of my friends who I don't see much, but made a point to do so. The 31st of October went by rather quickly, but that's how most days are.

I'm considering changing the wallpaper with another one, but if I do so it would have to take place later on this evening. Time, as fleeting as it is, wouldn't permit me to change it right now. Hence why the post is shorter than it would usually be. The quote for today comes from a past episode of InuYasha.

"InuYasha, you were the one who was unable to save her." -Sesshoumaru
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The marathon went off without a hitch, in my opinion. Having to be there at a very early time wasn't something that I was thrilled with, but got over it. I managed to complete the distance and go the entire two miles despite my 23-year condition and the fact that my left leg started hurting when I neared the halfway point. I believe that says something about myself regardless.

Ten days ago, I completed my layaway stint at Wal-Mart and got the DVDs that I had out-one being the fourth InuYasha movie, which was very awesome from start to finish; I still have to find time to watch the Japanese version. Other than looking-and not succeeding-in finding another job, I would say things are half full. (With two out of the four InuYasha movies in my possession, when time permits I'll be looking for the first two movies to complete my set. Today marks four months since my birthday passed, so eventually an opportunity will rise.)

With the changing of the seasons, my sinus headaches have returned full force. My mother just got over being sick and I wonder how long it will be before I end up bedridden. After my plans to go pick up today's new Robin issue and get some milk at Wal-Mart, I may take a break from job hunting for today and resume tomorrow morning.

"Yeah, yeah-'roar, roar' to you too, buddy. Let's get it over with!" -InuYasha


Oct. 3rd, 2006 08:37 am
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A new month, and with it comes another day closer to 2007. I went out yesterday in the hopes of finding another job, but unfortunately things didn't go like I wanted them to. The good news, I got in some good exercise for this upcoming Saturday; I plan to go on a 2-mile walk with my mother, plus a number of other people.

The bad news, I have to record a marathon of-almost-an entire first season of the series Eureka for my mother, and while the series itself is good, I must give up the second part of a two-part saga and don't know when it will be on again. Though, I know that sacrifices must be made for those you love, and if I had the opportunity again, I would probably do the same thing.

I changed the month's quote for one I found to be very intriguing, as it relates to Civil War. The quote for the day counters with the quote of the month, since both relate to the aforementioned Civil War.

"Thought you said you were going out for the night...Dad." -Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #535
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Today marks the third month that I officially turned 25 back in June; today is also important to me because an old friend of mine turns the same age today. Wherever he's at, I wish him a happy birthday.

Last Monday I partook in another evening class and this one will be split in two-the first nine weeks taking place this year, and the remaining weeks done in 2007, ending in March. The weekend didn't fare so well for me, unfortunately. The cable has gone out within my area, as my mother has informed me. Basically, the majority of my time was spent either outside, on the computer or with my mother. (We watched The Two Towers as well as The Return of The King Friday evening, with my mother commenting on how "wrong" the saga ends.)

Next month, I will join my mother on a 2-mile walk. Walking isn't new to me, as I've done it a number of times before-when I've walked to Borders or Barnes & Noble-and with my mother a few times, but this will be the first time an unknown number of people will either be walking, jogging or running in addition to me. My mother told me if I didn't want to do this, I didn't have to; I signed the papers despite her advice. I can't back out of it now even if I wanted to, and I have to admit, I didn't plan on backing out at all.

For a bit of humor, there's a neighbor's cat that seems to enjoy stopping by my place and lay down on a chair perched on the patio for an undetermined amount of time. Said cat has possibly done this for quite some time since we've moved in a few years back, and I enjoy his-or her-presence. My mother discovered the cat yesterday afternoon and was a bit surprised at first, but had no objections. I've wanted to take a picture of the cat but can't as I have no camera-or at least, no film for a camera; I have an old camera somewhere in my room.

I plan to rest for a while in the hopes that when I wake up, the cable will be back on in my area. Perhaps then I can get rid of this feeling of restlessness. There might be another reason why I have this feeling, but if there is I'm sure I'll discover it in time.

"It's not what this team can do for you...!" -Robin, Teen Titans #38
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Another 5-part saga to enjoy as the worlds of the X-Men and the Phoenix collide once again. I was excited yesterday upon picking up this issue-along with Nightwing #124-because it focuses on the Phoenix, but this time Jean Grey isn't a major factor in this-the Stepford Cuckoos are, a trio of sisters who, by the end of this first part, appear to be reunited with their two deceased sisters.

I'm not sure how many times I've seen Wolverine torched with the Phoenix's flames, but through the past arc alone, he was hit three times. This time makes four, but I'm sure there were more than just these.

I'll see to updating my journal soon; since I left early with my mother to go to work, I wasn't able to eat. Meaning I get to have a late brunch. I will be seeing her later again today, though-we have some pictures to take. As for tomorrow, I may be joining her on this walk she's determined to take.

"...I never got the name. I mean, wh-?" -Arsenal

"Yeah, yeah-'where are the wings?!'"-Nightwing, Nightwing #124


Aug. 23rd, 2006 07:37 am
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Normally, today would be the day that I get the opportunity to go to the comic book store; today is still that day, but I have to wait around 6 1/2 hours before doing so because I'm looking after a 9 year old who chose not to listen to either myself or my mother yesterday afternoon concerning a pair of shoes that-strangely enough-have wheels on the bottom of them!

I agreed to look after her; I'm not upset by that. I went by said store yesterday afternoon and requested that they hold an issue that's supposed to come in, and they agreed to hold onto one for me. I'm upset by the fact that throughout the course of the afternoon afterward, I told my cousin to be careful regarding those shoes, as did my mother, and she was nonchalant about it...at least until the wheels caused her to slide into the back end of the cart-we'd gone grocery shopping-which did hurt her leg a bit.

I thought she'd learned her lesson, but she didn't-she would still slide on those things, holding onto my mother for balance. That didn't work once our day was over; after we'd gotten dinner and came home, almost immediately after we got out of the car, the wheels come into play again: causing her to slip, which gave her a slight bruise on her leg, which isn't noticeable and caused her to spill her soda. That meant that both my mother and I had to share a bit of our soda with her to make up for it. It didn't take us both long to tell her that she wasn't wearing those shoes again while visiting us-ever.

(sighs) The rest of this week can't zoom by quickly enough for me, especially after what happened yesterday. The morning's quote comes from last week's purchased issue of Robin.

"...It's all about forward progress!" -Robin, Robin #153
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Today, August 21, 2006 marks a certain date in my life. Five years ago on this day, I was in a serious accident-a car hit me while I was walking down the street toward home-which resulted in me receiving a compound fracture in my left leg, and a blood clot in my skull, which required surgery in order to get rid of that blood clot. Hence why I have two scars on both sides of my head to this day.

My mother brought up the subject when the three of us-me, my cousin and my mother-went to a fast-food restaurant-Taco Bell-and a sign was on the wall that stated "We will never forget September 11, 2001." To which my mother replied, "August 21, 2001." A lot of things have happened to me since that date-most good, most bad. But, I believe I have grown since that experience occurred and changed for the better. Sure, I'm still somewhat of an optimist, but I try to keep a firm grip on reality as best I can. (Meaning that in a way, I'm partially a realist.) I'm still working on it, but it will take just one step at a time. Perhaps looking after my cousin will help me with that firm grip on reality. The quote comes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"...You don't have to disappear into the darkness." -Angel
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The week has literally been an up-and-down roller coaster. I hate the fact that my emotions are running rampant-I feel positive ones within the course of half a day, then feel negative ones the remainder of the day/evening.

Example-earlier, I was excited about the upcoming Spider-Man 3 and hoping that May 4 would get here soon; now, I'm doubtful about my own abilities since it feels like I'm in the same spot I've been in for some time. There is a silver lining that counters that thought-I took in some vital information, and completed some forms-this past Tuesday and am hopeful that it will result in my getting a job.

I'm currently not up to doing my usual reviews on my purchased issues from the past few weeks, but will see if I am when the weekend comes to a close. The quote comes from The Amazing Spider-Man #534, which features the confrontation between Spider-Man and Captain America.

"...As I feel this whole situation starting to unravel all around me, I just hope to God that I'm...right." Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #534
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Being filled with tons of positive-and negative-emotions all at once has left me at an impasse, so to speak. As such, I've purposely kept myself from updating as frequently as I would like. Tomorrow, after an appointment I had set up, I hope I'll be able to update on a few subjects that have been at the forefront of my mind as of late. And, yes-I have changed the quote despite the month of July not having ended just yet.

"A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend, one human soul whom we can trust utterly, who knows the best and worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults." -Charles Kingsley
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The day so far, save for finding out something concerning my friends that upset me, has gone rather well-and since I've picked up two new issues of Supergirl and Teen Titans, I'm stunned and amazed over what's taken place.

I hung out with my friends yesterday afternoon near my home, but still within the complex. One of them was nice enough to bring sodas for us. However, it was afterward that caused my evening-and part of this morning-to sour. One of my other friends, after the former had left and I had to head back, left our empty cans littered on the ground and assumed that I would be back and put them in the recycling bins! I had been informed about this last night, and that got me irked.

This morning, upon my return from the comic book store, I knew that I would have no alternative but to do just that-otherwise, the office would be alerted to the incident and my mother would get in trouble-hence, I would be in trouble. I don't plan to hang out with my friends during the remainder of this week, and perhaps not next week either. My mother told me that my friends were high-maintenance; I'd have to agree wholeheartedly with her.

Batman #654, Supergirl #7, Teen Titans #37, The Amazing Spider-Man #533 )
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Within the next number of hours, I will be joining my mother at her office for one reason-she didn't go in yesterday. (snickers) Seriously, it's also a way to celebrate this holiday since we didn't get to do so this past Sunday.

I plan to see the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie during the opening weekend, and already find myself enjoying one scene in particular; said scene has been shown so many times on television, this is like second nature.

"What about Jack?"

(Jack being chased by an army of individuals)

"Never mind; let's go!"

I will be looking for that scene while watching the movie in it's entirety. Happy Fourth of July, everyone. I hope you all enjoy the holiday in your own way.

"You need more...you deserve more than you have." -Bruce Wayne, Batman #654

"...I'll do everything I can to help you..." -Power Girl, Supergirl #6
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A new month begins, and with it came my grandmother's birthday-which was on the first of this month. She would've been 79 years old officially this past Saturday.

A new quote of the month is up, and my weekend ended up going pretty well; I was able to see Superman Returns on Friday, and in a later update I plan to review my thoughts on that, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man #533 and Batman #654. The quote below is from my recently purchased Angelic Days manga.

"You certainly are high-maintenance, aren't you?" Asuka Langley Sohryu, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days
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The weekend went quite well, all things considered. One huge mistake on my part cost me, but I've gotten over that and am determined to rectify my mistake next time.

My mother and I visited her friend once again, and this time I was able to ride a horse. Interestingly enough, the horse was named Bill. (I asked Bill if he knew Spock, but he declined to comment.)

I had an amazing time riding on Saturday! I was even braver than my mother since I decided to ride through the orchards later on; during that ride, I had to attempt some Matrix-like moves to avoid getting hit by branches. Nonetheless, I was hit by a few of them.

My nine-year old cousin is staying with us for the week, and save for the days in which she'll be with her elder sister, this may be a week I won't soon forget.

Pictures of me with Bill )
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The past few days-Monday, Tuesday and yesterday-have been unexpected, but well worth the unexpectedness, in my opinion. Sure, turning 25 was eventful, but it's been the aftermath of my birthday that's been just as memorable as the 18th.

Supergirl, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, Robin #151 )


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