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When I was younger and first watched Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker, after finding out what happened to Tim Drake I always wondered what happened to Dick Grayson in the DCAU world. It's common knowledge what tragedy befell Tim - captured and tortured by The Joker for a few weeks until he eventually revealed all of Batman's secrets, changed into a twisted kid version of the Clown Prince himself - known to most as Joker Jr. - who ends up being loyal to Bruce in the end and is the one who kills the Joker; he spent a year with Leslie Thompkins until he was back to himself, fired from his Robin role by Bruce as he blamed himself for what happened causing Tim to strike out on his own...and ultimately being taken over by The Joker, the microchip embedded on his neck which led to a fantastic showdown with Terry McGinnis, etc.

Until now, no one exactly knew what tragedy befell Dick Grayson. And it wasn't until the recent 6-issue mini-series - which will become an ongoing in the next few months, not surprisingly - that we find out exactly what happened to Batman's first partner...

Oh, I Kept A Memento... )
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Another 5-part saga to enjoy as the worlds of the X-Men and the Phoenix collide once again. I was excited yesterday upon picking up this issue-along with Nightwing #124-because it focuses on the Phoenix, but this time Jean Grey isn't a major factor in this-the Stepford Cuckoos are, a trio of sisters who, by the end of this first part, appear to be reunited with their two deceased sisters.

I'm not sure how many times I've seen Wolverine torched with the Phoenix's flames, but through the past arc alone, he was hit three times. This time makes four, but I'm sure there were more than just these.

I'll see to updating my journal soon; since I left early with my mother to go to work, I wasn't able to eat. Meaning I get to have a late brunch. I will be seeing her later again today, though-we have some pictures to take. As for tomorrow, I may be joining her on this walk she's determined to take.

"...I never got the name. I mean, wh-?" -Arsenal

"Yeah, yeah-'where are the wings?!'"-Nightwing, Nightwing #124
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This particular holiday wasn't one I enjoy, and having my birthday fall on said holiday does little to improve my mood. Still, I had a good birthday and thanks goes out to my friend [livejournal.com profile] theblackcanary for the gift I saw on my user page yesterday evening. (Sure it will stay for only two weeks, but that's a thoughtful present.)

I got to have lunch/dinner with my mother and grandfather around 2:00-3:00 at a Hometown Buffet and had a good time-I ate a plate of macaroni and cheese, two pieces of pepperoni pizza and three hot dogs. My mother also procured for me three movies-two DVDs, one a VHS-as presents as well, those movies being Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Hitch. I haven't seen all of the first one and have yet to find time to watch the others. Perhaps I'll get to do so sometime this week.

Despite enjoying my birthday, my thoughts for the majority of the day did revolve around someone who I consider an enigma-or, a mystery. According to my mother, I've only seen him three times; I can vividly remember the last time, since I was in high school. I can't recall the first time, even if I can see vivid flashes of it since I was a child. As for the second time, I can remember that as if it had happened yesterday. (In actuality, it happened over 16 years ago, on December 30, 1989.) I wonder why doesn't he try and contact me, as my mother has mentioned that he once said that he would try and keep in touch and yet he never did. I could try and hunt him down but I haven't wanted to.

And, for those who were wondering about it, yeah-the father thing somewhat connects me with Evangelion protagonist Shinji.

Nightwing #121 )
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The day went better than I'd expected it to go, honestly. The appointment I had set up at the college regarding my job hunting was almost a half-hour, and I was able to make it to where I wanted to go before 10:00. Upon my arrival, I was able to pick up one comic book. (I'd been tempted to get the Supergirl #5 issue that had a cover done by Michael Turner, but figured I could wait a few more days.) Afterward, I went to work, then home to complete my amount of chores.

Nightwing #120, Robin #150 )
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The day was decent enough, as I was able to purchase the next issue of Nightwing as planned. Afterward, I went over to my friend's house, then over to another friend's house, and we all hung out for a time until a few of us had to go home. I was able to make it home a little after 5:30, which wasn't too bad in my opinion.

Nightwing #119 )
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I was supposed to hang out with my friend today after I got off work, yet I never met with him at my work, as we had planned. That left me slightly incensed, and strangely enough, I ran into his brother while on the bus. He smelled of alcohol, which wasn't cool at all, but I ignored his breath until after he got off, then quickly changed seats.

The weekend went by rather quickly, and during the weekend, I was able to pick up the Batman Begins soundtrack, which in my opinion is very good. A reliable source mentioned that it's very atmospheric and reflective of the movie itself; I'd have to agree on that matter. Today while I went to the mall in another city entirely, I picked up Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume II, which I got at a low price-$13.79. Next week, or perhaps later on this week, if I'm able to, I'll see if I can go back to the mall and get the CD prior to this one.

Also got some pizza for lunch, but had to wait until I got home from my final class this evening to eat it! Long story short, I had to wait for a number of buses in order to get back home to begin with, and when I did get home, the damn soda I'd bought with the pizza went flat. Ick. Later on this week, I know for a certainty that I'll be picking up Nightwing #119, which features Dick Grayson v.s. Jason Todd for the mantle of Nightwing! Just as exciting as Tim Drake v.s. Jason Todd back in Teen Titans #29.


Mar. 30th, 2006 11:37 am
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With my teeth finally polished and my appointments over, at least for now, it is entirely up to me as to how clean they remain. I plan to see that they remain clean for some time.

I'm pleased that I won't have to leave at 7:00 AM for a while. Wasn't pleased with the new comic books yesterday, but I did buy the back issue of Nightwing #117 as I said that I would. The guy at the comic book store said that Detective Comics and the Outsiders are gonna be coming in next Wednesday, but not Infinite Crisis or Teen Titans. Curious, but something to think about as this week-and this month-winds down.

Now, off to see if I can get myself another free lunch before I meet up with my friends.

"You couldn't have beaten Cassie." -The Batman

"Ouch." -Tim Drake, Robin #148
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I could've had this up yesterday, but due to the antivirus system on the computer, it had prevented me from logging online; had to deactivate one of the systems in order to get back online today. Quite frustrating to hear, and a huge annoyance.

On the good news page, my day did go well yesterday up until the computer debacle-read Birds of Prey #92 and thought it was good-it was pleasing to see Dinah, even if her appearance did result in one shocking event I hadn't expected to see turn out the way it did! I picked up two comic books, then two magazines later on the same evening at Wal-Mart.

I made the newest icon for only one main reason-after checking at Newsarama, if I hadn't been sitting down, I probably would've attempted a backflip out of sheer joy and-dare I say it-pure Robin geekdom. Within less than one week, Robin #148 along with Batman #651 will be released. Case in Point:


The first four pages promised by Adam Beechen-new Robin writer-that were guaranteed to change Tim's life completely? True to his word. Also, the previously mentioned 6-part issue that would've spanned Robin #148 to Robin #153? Pushed down to a 4-part issue which ends with Robin #151.

My cleaning went decent enough-only had the right side of my mouth taken care of; will have to go in next Tuesday to get the left side of my mouth done. But, I'm certain it will be worth it come March 22nd.

Nightwing #118; Teen Titans Annual #1 )
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Aside from the fact that I went into work, went to my weekly evening class, and had a decent talk with a friend, my day was soured when I quickly got online for a short time earlier. After checking in at DCComics.com, I was shocked and appalled to see that the listing for Teen Titans #34 had been pushed from this Wednesday-soon to be tomorrow-all the way to April 5th! Normally, I wouldn't be that upset about something as trivial like this, but DC Comics has stated that all of their books would catch up to each other officially this month. So far, two stabs in the back concerning Supergirl and Teen Titans!

If I don't see two covers concerning Teen Titans #34 this upcoming Wednesday at the comic book store-both of them, since I may just decide to make a second trip-I will be beside myself with brimming anger. On the plus side, Nightwing #118 will still be released, and that is something to look forward to. The question is...which Nightwing will it be, and who will be behind that mask?

Tomorrow, within 8 hours, I will finally have my teeth cleaned. The nervousness still hasn't reared its ugly head, though I don't look forward to this moment in my life.
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Save for the fact that I must embark on cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom-once more-my day was decent. The sun's out, no sign of rain whatsoever, I went to work, did what I needed to do there and went by the comic book store.

As predicted, they'd run out of Batman Annual, but they had Detective Comics #817 there, especially since it was late by two days and I hadn't bothered to check last Friday for its arrival. I picked up a current issue, an issue pushed back by a month, and a back issue that hadn't been released since October 1999.

Detective Comics #817; Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #5; Teen Titans #33 )
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I replaced two icons-one of them being my default icon, as is evidenced way too many times below-due to the turmoil I'm currently in. Yet, as promised, here are my thoughts on the aforementioned issues:

Nightwing #111: This is supposed to be a book that focuses on the title character. Yet, while I'm pleased that the panels did just that-focused mainly on Nightwing, and he was in costume for most of this issue-for nearly 1/2 of it, the thoughts were on the letter to Dick from Sophia (I think that's what her name is; I stopped picking up Nightwing after 100 and only came back because of #110). I enjoyed the way Deathstroke was brought in at the climax of the issue, which will inevitably lead to the clash between the two in #112.

Supergirl #0: The issue left me feeling partly disappointed, since the name of the book is SUPERGIRL, yet the thoughts were left exactly the same when this had been released as Superman/Batman #19; I had been hoping that the thoughts in this rerelease would be the Girl of Steel's. I did like that the cover was a pure white background, though, and noticed the pages were placed in different places than they'd been in Superman/Batman #19.

Supergirl #1: The issue I had been waiting for since early 2005, and I wasn't at all disappointed! I enjoyed the part where Kara mentioned, if only briefly, about the past Supergirls-Linda Danvers, Cir-El; I doubt that would include Kara Zor-El from pre-Crisis, however-and that this time around, the book showed us her thoughts. The battle with Power Girl was...interesting, to say the least. I liked how it ended in a draw of sorts, and was reminded of the 6-issue Supergirl from Krypton saga in last year's Superman/Batman when Power Girl mentioned that she'd sensed something dark inside Kara while atop the Statue of Liberty.

The way this issue ended was stunning, to say the least-Superboy coming out to see Supergirl, and the first words out of his mouth were "Turn back now. I'm not going to ask you twice." First impressions must've changed a lot between them-unbeknownst to Kara-since their meeting on Paradise Island. Plus, it leads into Supergirl #2, the issue I'm on pins and needles for now. The quote for this weekend comes from Nightwing #111 and Supergirl #1.

"I can't even begin to imagine the trouble you must be in." -Deathstroke, Nightwing #111

"...I can tell this is going to go well..." -Kara Zor-El, Supergirl #1


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