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The weekend went quite well, all things considered. One huge mistake on my part cost me, but I've gotten over that and am determined to rectify my mistake next time.

My mother and I visited her friend once again, and this time I was able to ride a horse. Interestingly enough, the horse was named Bill. (I asked Bill if he knew Spock, but he declined to comment.)

I had an amazing time riding on Saturday! I was even braver than my mother since I decided to ride through the orchards later on; during that ride, I had to attempt some Matrix-like moves to avoid getting hit by branches. Nonetheless, I was hit by a few of them.

My nine-year old cousin is staying with us for the week, and save for the days in which she'll be with her elder sister, this may be a week I won't soon forget.

Pictures of me with Bill )
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My upcoming weekend could be very good, in my opinion. Tomorrow I plan to either do nothing and relax, or spend time with some friends. Sunday, however, is a different matter entirely.

Around 12:30 or so in the afternoon, my mother and I are heading to one of her friends' house. The reason behind it is due to the fact that she has horses, and I will finally get the opportunity to ride one! (snerks) Outside of a fair, anyway.

However, there's a slight possibility that it might rain this Sunday, and my plans would have to be postponed to another day. If so, I would be slightly disappointed, but still hopeful that I will get to ride a horse.

"We are still here..."
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