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I'll talk about the issues I bought today-and yesterday-in a separate link. (sighs) It seems as if things are getting worse with every week that passes. First, the terrible tragedies concerning Hurricane Katrina back in August. Then, Hurricane Rita. Now...Hurricane Wilma. (is sorely tempted to mention something about the Flintstones.)


I haven't had time to accurately look at this link yet, but I'm hoping that the people who live near where Wilma is heading have evacuated or are in the process of evacuating. (sighs) That's me...always the optimist, trying to find a shade of good in what are potentially bad situations.

Batgirl #20; Batgirl #25; Batgirl #69; Robin #143 )
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Upon heading to work, I did what I needed to do-taking out trash, setting up tables, etc-, and was able to get out early, much to my surprise. I walked down a street from there and was barely able to catch the bus heading to another street in time. In doing so, I was able to get to Heroes early, and was a bit upset at not seeing a few issues released. On the plus side, I was able to pick up Batman #645, as well as the Supergirl #2 issue that features Kara Zor-El surrounded by the Titans.

After that, I caught two buses and went to the 2nd Dimension, where I was able to pick up JSA: Classified #3, much to my amazement. After hanging out there for the remainder of the day, I got home and had dinner with my mother-pizza, since she was nice enough to pay for it. (Though, I was the one who ordered it.)

Batman #645, JSA: Classified #3 )
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This will be a short entry. My day went somewhat well, save for the humidity, which I will not be looking forward to come tomorrow at all. I visited my grandfather along with my mother, and fell asleep during the visit. I hadn't meant to, I just felt tired while visiting.

My mother explained some things to me on the ride there that felt like needed slaps to the face-a cold, hard touch of reality, one might say, concerning...someone, who knows who they are. I hadn't wanted to see the reality before, due to my optimistic nature, yet, there are times when you need to be realistic about life in general.

The quote for this evening comes from a back issue I enjoy-Nightwing #100.

"...There were times when I felt restrained..." -Dick Grayson, Nightwing #100


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