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Even if it's still only around 1:30 PM, my day has gone very well, despite the fact that my emotions are mixed. Perhaps it's due to the comic books I got earlier after getting off work, or maybe some other reason.

Once I finish my lunch, even if it's been over an hour since noon, I'll see to getting my emotions on a more positive scale than what they're like now.

Batman: Detective Comics #818, Infinite Crisis #6, Outsiders #35, Teen Titans #34 )
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Despite the fact that I really, really, REALLY wanted to buy Batman Annual when I went by the comic book store after work, especially after reading through it, the price seemed a bit too steep for me. I ended up putting it back in the hopes that I'll be able to purchase it the following week.

The good news is that I was able to get two other issues, one of them being the first of two One Year Later issues that were released today. (The other one was JSA #83, and if I'm able to, I might get that one also.) My day went well, especially since the sun was shining brightly throughout the course of the morning and afternoon.

Tomorrow, I have my appointment scheduled at 10:00 AM in order to go over...paperwork, X-rays and cleaning of my teeth, since I wasn't able to get it done yesterday. All I'm gonna say about that is I'd better get injected with novocaine.

Infinite Crisis #5; Outsiders #34 )


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