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For reasons I choose not to understand, I find a part of myself similar to that of the main character of Neon Genesis Evangelion-Shinji Ikari. He's told to do something, and he pretty much does it. We are told to vote, and for the most part, we vote. I'm expected to vote again today, and may end up doing so. It's not something I'm looking forward to, but it will get me out of the house for a time.

Perhaps while I'm out, I do hope to make my way to Borders and see if they have Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days Volume One, since it's supposed to have been released for a while now and I actually have enough money to obtain it.

Even if I see a part of myself as similar to Shinji, my favorite character on Evangelion would have to be Rei Ayanami.

"Ikari-kun. I don't want to be made of straw anymore." -Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Volume Eight
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I was completely blown away by what I saw in the third X-Men movie this past Friday. From start to finish, this movie was explosive and off the charts-in my opinion.

From this point onward, there will be my critique on how the movie was, so for those who haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you wait until seeing it before reading this section.

X-Men: The Last Stand )
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Other than having to get up at 6:15-a truly ghastly hour to wake up-my day went well. The left half of my mouth was cleaned, and now both sides of my teeth-left and right-are cleaned. The only thing I need to contend with now is the polishing sometime next week, and the rest will be left up to me.

Being at the college to write this isn't my idea of a fun Tuesday afternoon, however. I still have to get home and gargle more saltwater just to get the numbness down. Before I do that, I received this slip for a free 1/4 lb. combo meal, so I'm going to get that taken care of; the only saving grace is that I won't need to cook anything for myself for lunch since I missed breakfast.
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Post-Christmas Post (pun not intended)  )
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A Relaxing Weekend-Hopefully )
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For the most part, I can look forward to a weekend of some goodness-"some" being that I will sleep in and watch television, if I feel the need to do so. "Some" also implies that my issue may finally come in. (It didn't do so this entire week, nor did it do so Friday, so my frustration was only slightly quelled by an amazing conversation I had moments ago.) Also made an icon of my picture and put it in my journal, as shown above.

I am a bit incensed by one thing-how my cousin could just use my glass of Mickey Mouse that I got at McDonald's during my senior year without even asking once if she could do so.

Batman: Detective Comics #796; Strikeforce-Superman: Action Comics #779; Robin #92; Teen Titans #28; JSA Classified #4 )
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The Door of Opportunity... )
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Mostly Good Day; Afternoon Working )


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