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The day so far, save for finding out something concerning my friends that upset me, has gone rather well-and since I've picked up two new issues of Supergirl and Teen Titans, I'm stunned and amazed over what's taken place.

I hung out with my friends yesterday afternoon near my home, but still within the complex. One of them was nice enough to bring sodas for us. However, it was afterward that caused my evening-and part of this morning-to sour. One of my other friends, after the former had left and I had to head back, left our empty cans littered on the ground and assumed that I would be back and put them in the recycling bins! I had been informed about this last night, and that got me irked.

This morning, upon my return from the comic book store, I knew that I would have no alternative but to do just that-otherwise, the office would be alerted to the incident and my mother would get in trouble-hence, I would be in trouble. I don't plan to hang out with my friends during the remainder of this week, and perhaps not next week either. My mother told me that my friends were high-maintenance; I'd have to agree wholeheartedly with her.

Batman #654, Supergirl #7, Teen Titans #37, The Amazing Spider-Man #533 )
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A new month begins, and with it came my grandmother's birthday-which was on the first of this month. She would've been 79 years old officially this past Saturday.

A new quote of the month is up, and my weekend ended up going pretty well; I was able to see Superman Returns on Friday, and in a later update I plan to review my thoughts on that, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man #533 and Batman #654. The quote below is from my recently purchased Angelic Days manga.

"You certainly are high-maintenance, aren't you?" Asuka Langley Sohryu, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days
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Last night was an evening to truly remember. Due to my mother pulling some strings, I watched a baseball game with my grandfather, sans anyone else with us. The game itself was good, even if my self-proclaimed Charlie Brown team took nearly seven innings without scoring a single point! We ended up getting three points prior to the top of the eighth inning. (The opposing team took nearly the entire game and only scored one point during the top of the ninth.)

I had an amazing time with my grandfather and wouldn't mind doing this with him again. My mother informed me that doing this with him would build character and patience; the patience thing I'm still working on, but I believe I built some character throughout last night.

This afternoon, I'll be heading to the theatre and get to see X-3: The Last Stand. The Phoenix makes her appearance, if not the Dark Phoenix as well, and things may finally come to a head in this stunning addition to the X-Men saga. I'm even more eager to see this, as well as somewhat impatient on when Spider-Man 3 will be released.

"...We are engaged in a great Civil War, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure." -Abraham Lincoln

"You gotta give it to him...the man could write." -Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #531
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The day had it's shares of ups and downs. As the week draws to a close, and the eventual end of the month, I find myself plaqued with familiar feelings. A friend's grandmother passed on last night, and another friend was affected by it; they were close, from what I was told. I was reminded of my grandmother and how, within the next few weeks, I may have her on my mind quite a bit.

While at Heroes, I skimmed through a few comic books and read Solo #10, a series that only comes out on even-numbered months; the next one will come out in June. I was intrigued that Stephanie was Robin in one of the stories, and how Tim was Batman in the last story and is apparently an item with Cassie, who is still Batgirl-no mention on whether it's Cassandra Cain or not, since her hair is colored differently, though one would assume she is. Didn't pick it up, but will eventually do so next week. My mother bought a comic book as well:Serenity-Those Left Behind. Once she's finished reading it, I will take a crack at it myself. (She's finished reading it, so I get to take a crack at reading it sometime this week.)

I also looked at The Battle for Bludhaven #2 and was intrigued to see the Titans at the beginning; I was even more intrigued to see Wonder Girl among the team members. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing as to if she'll eventually rejoin the team come Teen Titans #35? Only a guess, but it's a possibility.

The Amazing Spider-Man #531, Batman #652, Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #17 )
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As the subject header indicates, I came across the wallpaper for the new Spider-Man movie, which will be released into theatres next year, so I changed my background from a DC setting to a Marvel setting. Don't like having to wait that long for the movie to come out, since it features Venom, as we see our Friendly Neighborhood wallcrawler wearing the dark version of his costume, but patience is a virtue.

I'll be leaving sometime within the next 30 minutes or so to head by Blockbuster; the rain has finally stopped for a time, but nevertheless, I still plan on taking my umbrella to be sure that I won't get drenched unexpectedly.
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The remnant of the week went pretty well. I survived not having the computer for a total of five days-Sunday through Thursday-and was able to pick up four issues on Wednesday-three DC; one Marvel. At the moment, I'm alone in the house-my mother went on a trip with some people that she knows, and from today until sometime on Sunday, I have the place entirely to myself.

Batman #651, Robin #148, The Amazing Spider-Man #530, Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes #16 )
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Currently hanging out with a friend of mine at the college, my day has gone somewhat decently. I got another haircut, but this one was free of charge-meaning I didn't have to pay, which was a good thing. The computer at home is currently having some problems, which isn't good. Hopefully this will be remedied soon, but I have my doubts.

Tomorrow, I get to go back to the clinic to get the left side of my teeth cleaned; afterward, I won't need to go in any longer. Despite the fact that I've enjoyed making these rounds, having to leave at 7:00 AM isn't something I enjoy these days. Within the next few days, I'll be picking up the latest Batman & Robin issues, as well as Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes and The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm especially looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

Today is known as the first day of Spring; haven't seen much of the sun, since it's been blocked by a ton of clouds. Technically, the 21st should be the first day, but that's a discussion I'd rather not get into.
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Despite the fact that it was a day off this past Monday, I was slightly surprised-but not much-that the comic books came on time. I even got paid the day before since my boss had made it back during the end of the weekend. So, after heading into work again today, I made my way to the comic book store and bought three issues, and skimmed through three others.

The Amazing Spider-Man #529; Supergirl #5 )
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My mother's birthday went quite well this past Sunday-I gave her the presents I'd bought her and she enjoyed them tremendously. The week has gone pretty good also-work has gone by fast, yet the only upsetting part is the fact that I still haven't gotten those forms from the teacher at the college. It's been nearly three weeks; I certainly must've gotten something by this time.

Today, much like last week, I ended up buying a DC comic book and a Marvel one-though, I got two Marvel comic books instead of one-I was able to get the back issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 while at the shop today. I now have a total of six of the 12-part saga; the only issues I need to collect are Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19, 20, 21, and The Amazing Spider-Man #526 and 527.

Robin #146; The Amazing Spider-Man #528 )
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Other than being woken up by the morning rain showers that poured down until around 9:00 AM, my day has gone exceptionally well. I went into work, did what I needed to do there, headed down to Heroes, bought two DC Comics issues-as well as two Marvel Comics issues; hence the subject header-got home, worked on my assignment for my evening class, called my grandfather-but didn't get to talk with him long, since he was planning on going somewhere for a while-and got online for a short time.

This update, strangely enough, due to my specific detail, took me virtually over an hour to complete. Next week, I'm going to try and cut the time in half-if I can.

Batgirl #72; Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4; Infinite Crisis #4; Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22 )


Jan. 10th, 2006 10:15 pm
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I made a conscious decision this past Sunday after I got paid. (Not about buying one of two birthday presents for my mother-I already told myself I was going to do that.) There are those who would say my decision was childish, but I had the money, and I had the opportunity.

Before getting to that, it feels like my chest congestion may have fully gone away, but I still plan to pace myself for the next few days or so. I have another evening class I get to take, which started yesterday, but I didn't have to stay for too long.

I get to catch a break in regards to Marvel Comics-for once, it doesn't seem like DC Comics is shipping out issues I would want this week, so tomorrow I may have a review in regards to the first of three conclusions to Spider-Man: The Other saga, since Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 is supposed to be released. (Wasn't planning on not getting Danger Girl: Back in Black #3, which also comes out tomorrow. Both issues cost $2.99, meaning I may have to pay a grand total of $6.46. And, I actually have the price calculated in my head. I think I may go hit my head against a pillow, since a wall would cause damage.)

I also had to clean the bathtub this afternoon for nearly an hour. My arms still ache from having to ensure the tub was cleaned from top to bottom, but if others I know can endure this, I can. Anyway, the decision I made this past Sunday revolves around Teen Titans. (Thanks to CosmiCastaway for that Spyboy/Young Justice #2 link; I really appreciate it!)

Teen Titans )
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That would be the name of an amazing 12-part saga, spanning over three different Spider-Man books. It revolves around everyone's favorite web-slinging hero, and will turn his world upside down. This saga started back in October, and I, not realizing until late November about this, ended up missing the first six parts.

The good news is that I was paid today, so after buying one of (possibly) three books for my mother concerning Christmas at Borders, she took me by Heroes and I bought two back issues of this saga-the first and third parts. I can buy the other four parts, but they would have to be at different stores, and I don't really have the time to get broke in one week while buying back issues. However, I do plan to get the other four parts, as well as keeping up with the current month and get the third half of this saga.

I know-I'm normally a DC Comics fanatic, but this is just too good a saga to pass up. The quote for today comes from one of my two purchased Spider-Man books.

"I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I laugh at bullets." -Peter Parker, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1


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