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The day so far, save for finding out something concerning my friends that upset me, has gone rather well-and since I've picked up two new issues of Supergirl and Teen Titans, I'm stunned and amazed over what's taken place.

I hung out with my friends yesterday afternoon near my home, but still within the complex. One of them was nice enough to bring sodas for us. However, it was afterward that caused my evening-and part of this morning-to sour. One of my other friends, after the former had left and I had to head back, left our empty cans littered on the ground and assumed that I would be back and put them in the recycling bins! I had been informed about this last night, and that got me irked.

This morning, upon my return from the comic book store, I knew that I would have no alternative but to do just that-otherwise, the office would be alerted to the incident and my mother would get in trouble-hence, I would be in trouble. I don't plan to hang out with my friends during the remainder of this week, and perhaps not next week either. My mother told me that my friends were high-maintenance; I'd have to agree wholeheartedly with her.

Batman #654, Supergirl #7, Teen Titans #37, The Amazing Spider-Man #533 )
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The past few days-Monday, Tuesday and yesterday-have been unexpected, but well worth the unexpectedness, in my opinion. Sure, turning 25 was eventful, but it's been the aftermath of my birthday that's been just as memorable as the 18th.

Supergirl, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, Robin #151 )
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I can sum up the day for you with one word, and the word isn't nothing, like it was in the Seinfeld series-Tolerable.

Thanks to DC Comics pushing back a certain issue that finally hit stores today, I found myself in a not-so-comfortable position. As much as I wanted to buy Detective Comics #819, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 and Outsiders #36, money was an issue for once, and as I didn't want to be broke, I put those three books back in the hopes that I can pick them up at a later date.

Though, I did read them, and was intrigued by what occurred-Harvey still talking with Two-Face, even though his face isn't scarred, a confrontation with Batman and Robin against Killer Croc, Jason Bard being attacked in his own home, the Outsiders' face-off against the speedster who was revealed to be Jay Garrick-the only Flash in existence, though that will be touched on later-and, in the Marvel homefront, Spider-Man's run-in with not only his Uncle Ben, but the Hobgoblin from the year 2211! (I'm still amazed I can remember the date!)

After reading the three books that I picked up however, I have mixed feelings about all of them for different reasons.

Infinite Crisis #7, Supergirl #6, Teen Titans #35 )
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The day had it's shares of ups and downs. As the week draws to a close, and the eventual end of the month, I find myself plaqued with familiar feelings. A friend's grandmother passed on last night, and another friend was affected by it; they were close, from what I was told. I was reminded of my grandmother and how, within the next few weeks, I may have her on my mind quite a bit.

While at Heroes, I skimmed through a few comic books and read Solo #10, a series that only comes out on even-numbered months; the next one will come out in June. I was intrigued that Stephanie was Robin in one of the stories, and how Tim was Batman in the last story and is apparently an item with Cassie, who is still Batgirl-no mention on whether it's Cassandra Cain or not, since her hair is colored differently, though one would assume she is. Didn't pick it up, but will eventually do so next week. My mother bought a comic book as well:Serenity-Those Left Behind. Once she's finished reading it, I will take a crack at it myself. (She's finished reading it, so I get to take a crack at reading it sometime this week.)

I also looked at The Battle for Bludhaven #2 and was intrigued to see the Titans at the beginning; I was even more intrigued to see Wonder Girl among the team members. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing as to if she'll eventually rejoin the team come Teen Titans #35? Only a guess, but it's a possibility.

The Amazing Spider-Man #531, Batman #652, Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #17 )
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The remnant of the week went pretty well. I survived not having the computer for a total of five days-Sunday through Thursday-and was able to pick up four issues on Wednesday-three DC; one Marvel. At the moment, I'm alone in the house-my mother went on a trip with some people that she knows, and from today until sometime on Sunday, I have the place entirely to myself.

Batman #651, Robin #148, The Amazing Spider-Man #530, Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes #16 )
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Currently hanging out with a friend of mine at the college, my day has gone somewhat decently. I got another haircut, but this one was free of charge-meaning I didn't have to pay, which was a good thing. The computer at home is currently having some problems, which isn't good. Hopefully this will be remedied soon, but I have my doubts.

Tomorrow, I get to go back to the clinic to get the left side of my teeth cleaned; afterward, I won't need to go in any longer. Despite the fact that I've enjoyed making these rounds, having to leave at 7:00 AM isn't something I enjoy these days. Within the next few days, I'll be picking up the latest Batman & Robin issues, as well as Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes and The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm especially looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

Today is known as the first day of Spring; haven't seen much of the sun, since it's been blocked by a ton of clouds. Technically, the 21st should be the first day, but that's a discussion I'd rather not get into.
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This was given to me by a friend on her LJ page. ([livejournal.com profile] domacatrix) I downloaded it and listened to it; it's pretty amazing! Never heard a single song by the singer of this particular song, but it's decent.

(lol) Wouldn't be surprised if these lyrics end up in a future issue of Supergirl or Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes.

Chorus: Haven't you heard?
I'm Supergirl
You don't wanna mess with me
I got your back
I know your every move
And I got everything you'll ever need

Supergirl Theme )
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Despite the fact that it was a day off this past Monday, I was slightly surprised-but not much-that the comic books came on time. I even got paid the day before since my boss had made it back during the end of the weekend. So, after heading into work again today, I made my way to the comic book store and bought three issues, and skimmed through three others.

The Amazing Spider-Man #529; Supergirl #5 )
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Aside from not being able to meet up with my friend as we had planned, my day went exceptionally well. Got in and out of work without a hitch, and even finished a part of my homework for my evening class. Wasn't able to afford Nightwing #117 this week, but hope to pick it up next week. (I read it and was very pleased with the end results!)

Green Arrow #45; Robin #147; Supergirl #4; Teen Titans #32 )
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My day yesterday-and Wednesday-went quite well, save for the rain that crept up on me yesterday morning and stopped around 11:00 AM or so. After heading by work, I went to Heroes and found myself conflicted in a major way.

Only the first week of December-somewhat-and there were a number of good issues-Danger Girl, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Christmas edition of Justice League Unlimited...and, since I ended up spending quite a bit of my money earlier in the week, I could only afford two of those issues. Despite the fact that I really, really wanted to get both Danger Girl-since it's the 2nd part of the 4-part series-and Spidey-it actually features the death of Spider-Man, after he saves Mary Jane from one of his most dangerous foes, though he won't stay dead for long-I ended up getting the Christmas edition of Justice League Unlimited; Supergirl was on the front cover along with a few other heroes, holding a bag of presents. Also got the current issue of JLA, though the new issue of that saga will come out next week. (Next update, I may give my responses on how I enjoyed those issues.)

Have plans to see The Chronicles of Narnia this weekend with my mother, then afterward, she's gonna take me by Borders so I can buy her second present. Hopefully, if I ask, she'll take me by Heroes so I can get the other issues I decided to wait on getting. And, hopefully, those issues haven't sold out yet.

Got to go by the college and kept my appointment with the teachers. I'm supposed to call a woman from another department and see if I'm eligible to be in her class-so to speak. If I am, I might get another job very quickly. If not, then that would still be okay-I'd just meet with the same teachers that I'm seeing now and they would do their best to help me.

"Dum spiro, spero." ("While I breathe, I hope.") -Leonardo Da Vinci
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This week has, for all intents and purposes, gone up and down so many times I can't even clarify what it's been. Things have gone good; things have turned sour due to one specific event.

Example: Things were good yesterday and today since I'd gotten two issues-one, released yesterday; the other, released the week prior. Things ended up bad since on my way back home today, before I decided to take a detour, I end up seeing the end results of another car accident. This time, however, both cars were in the vicinity and the police already on the scene.

For the most part, life has been partially good this week, and bad for the majority. I don't even feel entirely up to explaining the reason my mother put me in a sour mood earlier this week, but I'll provide a short version-she claimed that my response to her-that revolved around my cousin-meant that I "was on her side" concerning a situation a few weeks ago, when my response had been anything but that.

Danger Girl #1; Superman/Batman #7; Supergirl #3 )
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So far, the week has gone pretty good. I went by the college to see if I could set up an appointment with one of the job placement workers, but was handed a card instead. That means I must either call him or send him an e-mail to set up my appointment. Something I will need to think about this evening...

Infinite Crisis finally came out yesterday, and while I was enthralled by the intense action and drama amidst the pages, the majority of the book was defined in quite a good way by someone I know very well: "It was depressing as hell." After giving it some thought, I found myself agreeing entirely with the previously mentioned statement.

Young Justice #12; Young Justice #13; Supergirl #37; Infinite Crisis #1 )
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I replaced two icons-one of them being my default icon, as is evidenced way too many times below-due to the turmoil I'm currently in. Yet, as promised, here are my thoughts on the aforementioned issues:

Nightwing #111: This is supposed to be a book that focuses on the title character. Yet, while I'm pleased that the panels did just that-focused mainly on Nightwing, and he was in costume for most of this issue-for nearly 1/2 of it, the thoughts were on the letter to Dick from Sophia (I think that's what her name is; I stopped picking up Nightwing after 100 and only came back because of #110). I enjoyed the way Deathstroke was brought in at the climax of the issue, which will inevitably lead to the clash between the two in #112.

Supergirl #0: The issue left me feeling partly disappointed, since the name of the book is SUPERGIRL, yet the thoughts were left exactly the same when this had been released as Superman/Batman #19; I had been hoping that the thoughts in this rerelease would be the Girl of Steel's. I did like that the cover was a pure white background, though, and noticed the pages were placed in different places than they'd been in Superman/Batman #19.

Supergirl #1: The issue I had been waiting for since early 2005, and I wasn't at all disappointed! I enjoyed the part where Kara mentioned, if only briefly, about the past Supergirls-Linda Danvers, Cir-El; I doubt that would include Kara Zor-El from pre-Crisis, however-and that this time around, the book showed us her thoughts. The battle with Power Girl was...interesting, to say the least. I liked how it ended in a draw of sorts, and was reminded of the 6-issue Supergirl from Krypton saga in last year's Superman/Batman when Power Girl mentioned that she'd sensed something dark inside Kara while atop the Statue of Liberty.

The way this issue ended was stunning, to say the least-Superboy coming out to see Supergirl, and the first words out of his mouth were "Turn back now. I'm not going to ask you twice." First impressions must've changed a lot between them-unbeknownst to Kara-since their meeting on Paradise Island. Plus, it leads into Supergirl #2, the issue I'm on pins and needles for now. The quote for this weekend comes from Nightwing #111 and Supergirl #1.

"I can't even begin to imagine the trouble you must be in." -Deathstroke, Nightwing #111

"...I can tell this is going to go well..." -Kara Zor-El, Supergirl #1


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