Nov. 11th, 2005 04:30 pm
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I went into work a little late, due to having watched my newest movie on DVD that I'd gotten from Layaway yesterday, before eating breakfast, then deciding to take a shower afterward. Despite that, I was able to get everything I needed done at work and made my way to the 2nd Dimension.

When I arrived at the aforementioned store, almost immediately, I walked to a certain area where I'd managed to purchase Teen Titans #1 and Teen Titans #5 and was floored by what I saw in its stead-all three parts of The Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day right in front of me. Inside, I was bouncing off the walls, near ecstatic by what this meant. Outside, I was calm, cool and focused.

True, the issue ended up costing me $19.43-plus tax, since the price tag was labeled $18.00-but, I believe it was well worth it, since I have been waiting months to find out how this 3-part mini-saga started. Having the last two parts to something like this doesn't mean that much if you don't have the very first part of that something, if you don't know how it began. The quote for this 3-day weekend comes from the same issue.

"We had to land in Dallas. Impulse wrecked the bathroom and the cabin depressurized." -Robin

"I just wanted to know where the water went." -Impulse, The Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1
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This will be a short entry, due to the caution of time. For the most part, my week in general has been ho-hum, with a smidgen of excitement yesterday. I'll explain about the good in a paragraph or so, then onto the bad.

Yesterday, while at Heroes and buying Gotham Central #34 and The Return of Donna Troy #3 of 4-the conclusion is scheduled to come out later this month-I came across The Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #2 and #3, so I bought them, choosing to wait until sometime next week to get Detective Comics #809. (since the issue I didn't get crosses over with Batman.) I was a bit displeased that issue #1 of The Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day wasn't there, since that is the best cover out of the three issues.

Now, onto the bad-I had plans to spend a baseball game with two of my friends, yet earlier today, I hear that one of them already has other plans, while the other doesn't know if he'll be able to go to the game, having made plans with his mother. Spending time with family is commendable to me, yet the least they both could've done was inform me before agreeing to seeing the game...! The quote for today comes from one of my two recently purchased back issues.

"They need some damned direction...They need to be taught." -Nightwing, The Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #2-Commencement


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