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The week has literally been an up-and-down roller coaster. I hate the fact that my emotions are running rampant-I feel positive ones within the course of half a day, then feel negative ones the remainder of the day/evening.

Example-earlier, I was excited about the upcoming Spider-Man 3 and hoping that May 4 would get here soon; now, I'm doubtful about my own abilities since it feels like I'm in the same spot I've been in for some time. There is a silver lining that counters that thought-I took in some vital information, and completed some forms-this past Tuesday and am hopeful that it will result in my getting a job.

I'm currently not up to doing my usual reviews on my purchased issues from the past few weeks, but will see if I am when the weekend comes to a close. The quote comes from The Amazing Spider-Man #534, which features the confrontation between Spider-Man and Captain America.

"...As I feel this whole situation starting to unravel all around me, I just hope to God that I'm...right." Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #534


Apr. 27th, 2006 07:50 pm
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This will be a short entry this evening. I stayed home today, in order to give myself a break from hanging out with my friends; I've been spending time with them for the past three days and needed time to myself. Though, I couldn't stop one of my friends from calling me, and enjoyed conversing with her.

However, and I can't be entirely certain on this, but my friend might be developing feelings for me. I'm uncertain as to how I feel and would be very cautious if anything would develop as a result.

Not to mention, I have doubts as to if her feelings are 100% genuine. (Edit: After talking with her once again, she revealed that it was someone else she had feelings for, which leaves me relieved.)

"This year's changed everyone..." -Robin, Teen Titans #34
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It's been a week since my cousin graced my home with her presence-and, the results have been close to predictable, but not quite.

The only time this week has been at all pleasant at home was when I left Tuesday for school, visited some friends afterward, then came home to an empty house. Apparently, she stayed over at someone else's house for the evening, then came home sometime around Wednesday afternoon.

Her moods aren't pleasing to hear, nor are her conversations on the phone, but I simply just turn on some music or read something in my room. Yet, there's one thing I truly detested-when she left a message on her friend's answering machine concerning me and my internet time, then did the same thing while she was talking with her friend! (sighs bitterly)

I'm not one for "tattling," but I plan to inform my mother about this when I get the chance to do so. My cousin has no right to make a comment like that about me and what I do at all-whether I was in hearing range or not.

Teen Titans #5; Teen Titans #8; Superman #223 )
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