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I've stated before in past updates that I'm not a big fan of this day. Though, I will do my best to put aside any negative emotions and be more upbeat today. (That, plus I received an e-card, so things can't be too disconcerting.)

That being said, I wish everyone a memorable Valentine's Day.
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My day has gone partly well, aside from the fact that I literally fell asleep while on the job; not a pretty sight, even if I was on a couch and had over 1/2 of what I needed done. I got home when I completed my last task and ate a very late lunch that consisted of a friend's birthday cake leftovers-three pieces, but it was enough.

I finished yet another day of my weekly evening class-one day for the week which leads up to five days-and am somewhat at ease. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit my grandfather along with my mother out in the country. I'm not sure how long that will be, but I enjoy every moment I can spend with him these days. He isn't selling the house, which is great news for me and a feeling of despair has vanished since then.

As things go regarding this upcoming "holiday" within eleven days, I've decided not to let it get to me. A few characters I roleplay in certain communities will be "excited" when that day comes, but I will be neutral about the whole thing entirely.

"He...Clark...doesn't want you to get hurt." -The Batman

"In that case, tell him he's failed." -Supergirl, Superman/Batman #19/Supergirl #0


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