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The week has literally been an up-and-down roller coaster. I hate the fact that my emotions are running rampant-I feel positive ones within the course of half a day, then feel negative ones the remainder of the day/evening.

Example-earlier, I was excited about the upcoming Spider-Man 3 and hoping that May 4 would get here soon; now, I'm doubtful about my own abilities since it feels like I'm in the same spot I've been in for some time. There is a silver lining that counters that thought-I took in some vital information, and completed some forms-this past Tuesday and am hopeful that it will result in my getting a job.

I'm currently not up to doing my usual reviews on my purchased issues from the past few weeks, but will see if I am when the weekend comes to a close. The quote comes from The Amazing Spider-Man #534, which features the confrontation between Spider-Man and Captain America.

"...As I feel this whole situation starting to unravel all around me, I just hope to God that I'm...right." Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #534
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A new month begins, and with it came my grandmother's birthday-which was on the first of this month. She would've been 79 years old officially this past Saturday.

A new quote of the month is up, and my weekend ended up going pretty well; I was able to see Superman Returns on Friday, and in a later update I plan to review my thoughts on that, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man #533 and Batman #654. The quote below is from my recently purchased Angelic Days manga.

"You certainly are high-maintenance, aren't you?" Asuka Langley Sohryu, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days
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The weekend went quite well, all things considered. One huge mistake on my part cost me, but I've gotten over that and am determined to rectify my mistake next time.

My mother and I visited her friend once again, and this time I was able to ride a horse. Interestingly enough, the horse was named Bill. (I asked Bill if he knew Spock, but he declined to comment.)

I had an amazing time riding on Saturday! I was even braver than my mother since I decided to ride through the orchards later on; during that ride, I had to attempt some Matrix-like moves to avoid getting hit by branches. Nonetheless, I was hit by a few of them.

My nine-year old cousin is staying with us for the week, and save for the days in which she'll be with her elder sister, this may be a week I won't soon forget.

Pictures of me with Bill )
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My upcoming weekend could be very good, in my opinion. Tomorrow I plan to either do nothing and relax, or spend time with some friends. Sunday, however, is a different matter entirely.

Around 12:30 or so in the afternoon, my mother and I are heading to one of her friends' house. The reason behind it is due to the fact that she has horses, and I will finally get the opportunity to ride one! (snerks) Outside of a fair, anyway.

However, there's a slight possibility that it might rain this Sunday, and my plans would have to be postponed to another day. If so, I would be slightly disappointed, but still hopeful that I will get to ride a horse.

"We are still here..."
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The weekend didn't end on a sour note for once. Sure, I wasn't able to go to the places I wanted to go today-the mall, which was closed, or Wal-Mart; also closed due to the holiday-but upon getting home, I had some food waiting for me when I got there. (I even got some food from Jack In The Box, since it was one of the only fast food places I can think of that are open on holidays.)

Yes-I have a new icon made, as shown in today's update; I think the bond of friendship between Cassie-Wonder Girl-and Cissie-the gold medalist formerly known as Arrowette-was astounding and I'm pleased it was shown once again in Teen Titans/Outsiders: Secret Files & Origins 2005 last year.

My baby cousin wasn't picked up on Saturday, as I had assumed would be the case. Instead, she was picked up late Friday evening, to my surprise, by the one cousin-besides Amaras-whom I can tolerate: the cousin who was born a year after me. The upcoming week looks to be sunny, but anything can happen-be they good or bad.

The quote for this evening, humorous it may be, is from an issue I'm not particulary thrilled with for one main reason-which is a story for another time.

"I hate online services! Especially Amer-!" -Cassie Sandsmark

"No! No, you don't! You love online services! All of them! The biggest one in particular! (whispers)" -Cissie King-Jones

"I'm, uh...gonna shut up now." -Cassie Sandsmark, Young Justice #38

New Month

Apr. 1st, 2006 01:37 pm
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April 1st-known by practical jokers as April Fools' Day. Also means the start of the popular rhyme "April showers bring May flowers." Though, it should be focused around March, in my opinion. The weekend also means that all clocks/watches must be moved ahead by one hour; Daylight Savings Time is starting again, meaning for one night, we all lose an hour of sleep. Not a pleasant thought.

Later on, or within the next couple hours, I'll be grocery shopping and while there, I'll be getting my bus pass for this month. I get paid tomorrow, so it isn't a total loss. And, yes-the new quote for this month will be put up, too. I'm not sure if I should have it up for the entire month, or just one week; something to ponder, as trivial as that sounds.

Tomorrow and in three days, two of my friends will have birthdays during this month. To both of them, I wish a happy and pleasant birthday.

"Good thing somebody's watching out for you, Sparky!" -Jason Todd, Nightwing #118
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Yes-this will be a short post, as there isn't much to say. For the most part, things have gone well this week for me-save having to wait four more days for my teeth to be cleaned. Work was the same as usual-go in, clean what needs to be cleaned, get out. Upon getting home, I noticed that Sci-Fi was showing episodes of Firefly, so I have the television on that station. (Even though he died on Serenity, Wash would have to be one of my favorites on the series due to his composed and humorous nature, next to Mal.)

My plans for the upcoming weekend are short, but important-I have a college group meeting late on Saturday, pretty close to night. Almost wish I could meet in the afternoon, though I don't set the schedules. Nothing for Sunday, but that could very well change.

"We're doomed! Who's flying this thing?! Oh-that would be me." -Wash, Bushwhacked
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