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Another 5-part saga to enjoy as the worlds of the X-Men and the Phoenix collide once again. I was excited yesterday upon picking up this issue-along with Nightwing #124-because it focuses on the Phoenix, but this time Jean Grey isn't a major factor in this-the Stepford Cuckoos are, a trio of sisters who, by the end of this first part, appear to be reunited with their two deceased sisters.

I'm not sure how many times I've seen Wolverine torched with the Phoenix's flames, but through the past arc alone, he was hit three times. This time makes four, but I'm sure there were more than just these.

I'll see to updating my journal soon; since I left early with my mother to go to work, I wasn't able to eat. Meaning I get to have a late brunch. I will be seeing her later again today, though-we have some pictures to take. As for tomorrow, I may be joining her on this walk she's determined to take.

"...I never got the name. I mean, wh-?" -Arsenal

"Yeah, yeah-'where are the wings?!'"-Nightwing, Nightwing #124
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For once, I am very pleased to be up at a late hour. Had I not been up, I probably would've had to wait until sometime in the afternoon or so before being able to put this up. Basically, there will be a sequel to X-Men: Phoenix Endsong, as I figured there eventually would be one day.

However, it won't be out until September, so that means there will be a wait, which is disappointing, but for the time being, those who enjoyed the 5-part saga will get to find out a taste of the plot for this story. In other words, either go to www.newsarama.com, or just click below.


"I hear you...but I can't feel you. I'm beyond you." -Jean Grey, X-Men: Phoenix Endsong


Jun. 1st, 2006 07:37 am
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(laughs lightly) Coincidental or ironic? Either viewpoint could be seen, since I was hoping for this pick but didn't really expect to get it. Thanks goes out to [livejournal.com profile] theblackcanary for this quiz.

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I was completely blown away by what I saw in the third X-Men movie this past Friday. From start to finish, this movie was explosive and off the charts-in my opinion.

From this point onward, there will be my critique on how the movie was, so for those who haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you wait until seeing it before reading this section.

X-Men: The Last Stand )
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Last night was an evening to truly remember. Due to my mother pulling some strings, I watched a baseball game with my grandfather, sans anyone else with us. The game itself was good, even if my self-proclaimed Charlie Brown team took nearly seven innings without scoring a single point! We ended up getting three points prior to the top of the eighth inning. (The opposing team took nearly the entire game and only scored one point during the top of the ninth.)

I had an amazing time with my grandfather and wouldn't mind doing this with him again. My mother informed me that doing this with him would build character and patience; the patience thing I'm still working on, but I believe I built some character throughout last night.

This afternoon, I'll be heading to the theatre and get to see X-3: The Last Stand. The Phoenix makes her appearance, if not the Dark Phoenix as well, and things may finally come to a head in this stunning addition to the X-Men saga. I'm even more eager to see this, as well as somewhat impatient on when Spider-Man 3 will be released.

"...We are engaged in a great Civil War, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure." -Abraham Lincoln

"You gotta give it to him...the man could write." -Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #531


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