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That would be the name of an amazing 12-part saga, spanning over three different Spider-Man books. It revolves around everyone's favorite web-slinging hero, and will turn his world upside down. This saga started back in October, and I, not realizing until late November about this, ended up missing the first six parts.

The good news is that I was paid today, so after buying one of (possibly) three books for my mother concerning Christmas at Borders, she took me by Heroes and I bought two back issues of this saga-the first and third parts. I can buy the other four parts, but they would have to be at different stores, and I don't really have the time to get broke in one week while buying back issues. However, I do plan to get the other four parts, as well as keeping up with the current month and get the third half of this saga.

I know-I'm normally a DC Comics fanatic, but this is just too good a saga to pass up. The quote for today comes from one of my two purchased Spider-Man books.

"I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I laugh at bullets." -Peter Parker, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1
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