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Feb. 15th, 2006 02:03 pm
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My day went pretty well today, despite the cold air I had to contend with on my way to work and when I was heading to the comic book store. With Valentine's Day over, it brings about the end of other things as well-such as the two sagas I purchased today; one being a 4-part miniseries, the other being a monthly issue that had been shipped out by DC Comics since February of 2000 and, in a shocking twist of fate, ends February of 2006.

Batgirl #73; Danger Girl #4 )


Jan. 10th, 2006 10:15 pm
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I made a conscious decision this past Sunday after I got paid. (Not about buying one of two birthday presents for my mother-I already told myself I was going to do that.) There are those who would say my decision was childish, but I had the money, and I had the opportunity.

Before getting to that, it feels like my chest congestion may have fully gone away, but I still plan to pace myself for the next few days or so. I have another evening class I get to take, which started yesterday, but I didn't have to stay for too long.

I get to catch a break in regards to Marvel Comics-for once, it doesn't seem like DC Comics is shipping out issues I would want this week, so tomorrow I may have a review in regards to the first of three conclusions to Spider-Man: The Other saga, since Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 is supposed to be released. (Wasn't planning on not getting Danger Girl: Back in Black #3, which also comes out tomorrow. Both issues cost $2.99, meaning I may have to pay a grand total of $6.46. And, I actually have the price calculated in my head. I think I may go hit my head against a pillow, since a wall would cause damage.)

I also had to clean the bathtub this afternoon for nearly an hour. My arms still ache from having to ensure the tub was cleaned from top to bottom, but if others I know can endure this, I can. Anyway, the decision I made this past Sunday revolves around Teen Titans. (Thanks to CosmiCastaway for that Spyboy/Young Justice #2 link; I really appreciate it!)

Teen Titans )
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This week has, for all intents and purposes, gone up and down so many times I can't even clarify what it's been. Things have gone good; things have turned sour due to one specific event.

Example: Things were good yesterday and today since I'd gotten two issues-one, released yesterday; the other, released the week prior. Things ended up bad since on my way back home today, before I decided to take a detour, I end up seeing the end results of another car accident. This time, however, both cars were in the vicinity and the police already on the scene.

For the most part, life has been partially good this week, and bad for the majority. I don't even feel entirely up to explaining the reason my mother put me in a sour mood earlier this week, but I'll provide a short version-she claimed that my response to her-that revolved around my cousin-meant that I "was on her side" concerning a situation a few weeks ago, when my response had been anything but that.

Danger Girl #1; Superman/Batman #7; Supergirl #3 )


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