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My mother has planned for the three of us-me, my mother and my grandfather-to head out to Hometown Buffet for my birthday this Sunday. I haven't been there in quite a while, and am anticipating going back.

Though, I'm a bit more eager in going to this Anime event that's taking place on Saturday at an art museum from 12:00-4:00. I know someone who would enjoy going to said event; unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, me taking this someone wouldn't be possible. I will attempt to describe the experience as best I can in my next update-as well as give my thoughts on Nightwing #121.

"...As long as we stay alive...someday, we'll be glad that we survived." -Shinji Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume Three
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Three different subjects to discuss as the evening draws closer to midnight. As promised, my thoughts on Nightwing #110:


That link is the cover, which tells you right off the bat that the issue will be extremely dark. (In my opinion, at least.) Throughout nearly the entire issue, Dick wasn't in costume-which I didn't like-not even during his conversation with Robin/Tim Drake, which truly showed some nice brother/brother moments between them. However, despite those moments, Dick seemed to push Robin away, especially during the stunning moment when he kicked over a newspaper stand. The added caution that Deathstroke will show up in next month's issue made this a well-worth issue to buy.

Concerning the 2nd InuYasha movie, it was tantalizing and powerful from the get-go, from beginning to end! And, it is definitely worth seeing, since longtime InuYasha/Kagome fans get to see the long-awaited kiss between the two of them near the end of the movie. Yes, I saw the Japanese version of it, with English subtitles, yet I will give the translated version a shot as well.

Currently, I am twenty-four years old. I'm suffering from a major dilemma of writer's block as it relates to my story that I still want to get published. Despite my pros/cons in life, I'm determined to stay focused, and optimistic, even if I have to be a little realistic at times.

I haven't done this in quite a long while (compared myself with a comic book character), but like a fictional Boy Wonder, this is gonna be a new beginning for me. The upcoming quote will be from the aforementioned issue of Nightwing.

"...He's been through so much, and weathered it so well." -Dick Grayson, Nightwing #110: Incorporation


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