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You'd think that with only five days now officially remaining until my birthday this Sunday, I would be like I normally am-excited, on pins and needles, and bouncing off the walls, for my upcoming birthday.

This past year has taught me otherwise, unfortunately.
Twenty-five is a milestone in it's own way-in some fashion or another-and, turning that age on Father's Day isn't something I'm looking forward to at all. A part of me may still feel resentment toward my own father, and that may never fully go away.

Speaking of emotions, I was quite upset this past week, and this past weekend when I went by Borders-and then Barnes and Noble-only to find out that the book I'm waiting for-the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days one-still hasn't arrived. Someone online that I know has already procured it, and while I am pleased he got it, I can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. I know it doesn't help and that I must be patient, but I should try and see this as a good thing. Perhaps sometime this week, I will be able to eventually come across the book.

The quote for this early morning comes from one of my now two Evangelion books. At not getting my Angelic Days manga, I picked up volume 3 of the current Evangelion series, and saw a quote or two that fit how I currently feel.

"Can't you have faith in your father's work?" -Rei Ayanami

"No. There's no way I can...not in a father like him." -Shinji Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume Three
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A new month, and sadly enough, it is the month that I no longer enjoy, save for one reason alone. My cousin's ninth birthday will be this month, and she will have a party on a day I really don't look forward to at all. Even though I plan on going to the party, on the inside I will be hurting.

I should have the new quote for this month up before I log off for the evening/morning, but that, along with the good news that I bought a manga yesterday afternoon for 30% off, is the only positive note that brings April to a close. (That, plus I chose to get a Borders Rewards card prior to my departure back for home.)

"You left me all alone!" -Wonder Girl, Teen Titans #34
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This day has had me on top of the world and feeling like I could hit something bad enough to seriously injure both my hands. I wouldn't feel better, but it would be a way to disperse these painful emotions I feel right now.

While at Wal-Mart, I came across something that I enjoy quite often, so I got it, as well as a magazine from Tower Records. I went to the mall as planned and ended up getting Superboy #100 and found out precisely how Kon-El originally came to live with Superman's parents. Afterward, when I went to hang out with my friends, disaster struck.

One of my friends slapped me across the face when I made a joking comment to my best friend, and I was sorely tempted to slap her back; I didn't do so, naturally, but the shock and surprise that she had actually done that was evident in my eyes. My mood worsened when she ended up pissed off at me because her significant other told me to watch out for her and not tell her about this; she found out when my best friend accidentally revealed what had been said. I got sick and tired of being given the shaft repeatedly and tried to calm down.

Basically, I forgave her for what happened, as she did me, but it will be quite a while before I can fully trust her again concerning anything. The quote for this evening comes from the One Year Later current issue of Teen Titans.

"I have my share of problems, but they're nothing I can't handle." -Robin, Teen Titans #34


Apr. 4th, 2006 01:25 am
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Pained Heart... )
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If I had to describe how my day went, it would be as such: 10 for the morning/afternoon, 7 for the evening, -30 for 11:30 and beyond.

The reason being, I had a good time with my grandfather as always. I was even able to finish the homework for my class this Monday while there. My mother and I were there a bit too long, but that didn't matter. We stopped by her office for a time, which is always good. Once again, I got to partake in the eating of some cake, which may or may not have been a good thing.

Things took a downward spiral as the day turned into evening and night. While watching Patlabor, I was informed-in no uncertain terms-that the dishes had best be done, else if they remained as they were come the morning, the consequences would be truly dire. It was a warning, but I heard it as a warning/threat. I don't know why, but I was left with a bitter feeling in my mouth afterward.

To make things even more satisfying, while taking a small break prior to doing the dishes, I felt a displeasing pain in the pit of my stomach that seemed to crawl up into my chest. I haven't felt this since I was younger, and never enjoyed that feeling even then-the feeling you get when you're about to reveal what you've had for lunch and/or dinner via your mouth.

I still have that feeling within the back of my throat and my chest, but only a partial one. I don't think I'm real sick, but I wonder what this will mean for the upcoming week, or if I'll even be able to do anything that I have planned tomorrow.

"Be patient and tough; some day, this pain will be useful to you." -Leonardo Da Vinci
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Good Mood Entirely Ruined... )
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I'll talk about the issues I bought today-and yesterday-in a separate link. (sighs) It seems as if things are getting worse with every week that passes. First, the terrible tragedies concerning Hurricane Katrina back in August. Then, Hurricane Rita. Now...Hurricane Wilma. (is sorely tempted to mention something about the Flintstones.)


I haven't had time to accurately look at this link yet, but I'm hoping that the people who live near where Wilma is heading have evacuated or are in the process of evacuating. (sighs) That's me...always the optimist, trying to find a shade of good in what are potentially bad situations.

Batgirl #20; Batgirl #25; Batgirl #69; Robin #143 )


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