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Despite being nearly 30 minutes late to the comic store yesterday morning, I was still able to pick up this month's Red Robin and Batgirl issues. I'll wait approximately 4 more days before putting up the latter's review while as for the former...

There's a reason this month's quote is based on the protagonist's inside voice.

Once a Teen Titan, Always a Teen Titan...Right? )
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As promised, one of my biggest reviews done in quite a while on a hero's entrance into a team...that I really don't think he belongs on for at least another 3-4 years - if EVER!

Word is you need a Robin to LEAD this flock...! )
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It's been quite some time since I went this route, but after the day I had yesterday, I felt it was time to, as the above subject states, get back to the basics on what I used the journal for.

This would've been up hours ago had the computer decided against cutting off the internet connection sometime last night.

Adventure Comics #1, Blackest Night: Batman #1, Red Robin #1-#3 )
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So far, the day has gone pretty decent, despite the increasing heat. The arrival of heat signifies the appearance of summer, a season I'm used to for a couple of reasons; one reason isn't because you feel like you've been inside a sauna after being outside for only 20-30 minutes.

I left the house around 9:10 and made it home at 11:10-pretty impressive, in my opinion. And, I was able to pick up one issue, since due to Memorial Day, the comic books didn't arrive until today instead of yesterday as originally scheduled. Better late than never, as the old saying goes. And, one of the responses from this issue will be the new quote of the month.

The Charlie Brown team was losing last night at a dismal score of 8-1, I believe; my grandfather and I left a bit early. Today, my mother will be joining my grandfather and I for another baseball game. I hope that things will turn out differently than yesterday. Still, my grandfather stated that you can't win them all. Though, I'm sure he recalls that Charlie Brown has a record of losses-and only a few wins.

Superman/Batman #26 )
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Even if it's still only around 1:30 PM, my day has gone very well, despite the fact that my emotions are mixed. Perhaps it's due to the comic books I got earlier after getting off work, or maybe some other reason.

Once I finish my lunch, even if it's been over an hour since noon, I'll see to getting my emotions on a more positive scale than what they're like now.

Batman: Detective Comics #818, Infinite Crisis #6, Outsiders #35, Teen Titans #34 )


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