Oct. 3rd, 2006 08:37 am
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A new month, and with it comes another day closer to 2007. I went out yesterday in the hopes of finding another job, but unfortunately things didn't go like I wanted them to. The good news, I got in some good exercise for this upcoming Saturday; I plan to go on a 2-mile walk with my mother, plus a number of other people.

The bad news, I have to record a marathon of-almost-an entire first season of the series Eureka for my mother, and while the series itself is good, I must give up the second part of a two-part saga and don't know when it will be on again. Though, I know that sacrifices must be made for those you love, and if I had the opportunity again, I would probably do the same thing.

I changed the month's quote for one I found to be very intriguing, as it relates to Civil War. The quote for the day counters with the quote of the month, since both relate to the aforementioned Civil War.

"Thought you said you were going out for the night...Dad." -Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #535
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Today marks the third month that I officially turned 25 back in June; today is also important to me because an old friend of mine turns the same age today. Wherever he's at, I wish him a happy birthday.

Last Monday I partook in another evening class and this one will be split in two-the first nine weeks taking place this year, and the remaining weeks done in 2007, ending in March. The weekend didn't fare so well for me, unfortunately. The cable has gone out within my area, as my mother has informed me. Basically, the majority of my time was spent either outside, on the computer or with my mother. (We watched The Two Towers as well as The Return of The King Friday evening, with my mother commenting on how "wrong" the saga ends.)

Next month, I will join my mother on a 2-mile walk. Walking isn't new to me, as I've done it a number of times before-when I've walked to Borders or Barnes & Noble-and with my mother a few times, but this will be the first time an unknown number of people will either be walking, jogging or running in addition to me. My mother told me if I didn't want to do this, I didn't have to; I signed the papers despite her advice. I can't back out of it now even if I wanted to, and I have to admit, I didn't plan on backing out at all.

For a bit of humor, there's a neighbor's cat that seems to enjoy stopping by my place and lay down on a chair perched on the patio for an undetermined amount of time. Said cat has possibly done this for quite some time since we've moved in a few years back, and I enjoy his-or her-presence. My mother discovered the cat yesterday afternoon and was a bit surprised at first, but had no objections. I've wanted to take a picture of the cat but can't as I have no camera-or at least, no film for a camera; I have an old camera somewhere in my room.

I plan to rest for a while in the hopes that when I wake up, the cable will be back on in my area. Perhaps then I can get rid of this feeling of restlessness. There might be another reason why I have this feeling, but if there is I'm sure I'll discover it in time.

"It's not what this team can do for you...!" -Robin, Teen Titans #38


Aug. 23rd, 2006 07:37 am
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Normally, today would be the day that I get the opportunity to go to the comic book store; today is still that day, but I have to wait around 6 1/2 hours before doing so because I'm looking after a 9 year old who chose not to listen to either myself or my mother yesterday afternoon concerning a pair of shoes that-strangely enough-have wheels on the bottom of them!

I agreed to look after her; I'm not upset by that. I went by said store yesterday afternoon and requested that they hold an issue that's supposed to come in, and they agreed to hold onto one for me. I'm upset by the fact that throughout the course of the afternoon afterward, I told my cousin to be careful regarding those shoes, as did my mother, and she was nonchalant about least until the wheels caused her to slide into the back end of the cart-we'd gone grocery shopping-which did hurt her leg a bit.

I thought she'd learned her lesson, but she didn't-she would still slide on those things, holding onto my mother for balance. That didn't work once our day was over; after we'd gotten dinner and came home, almost immediately after we got out of the car, the wheels come into play again: causing her to slip, which gave her a slight bruise on her leg, which isn't noticeable and caused her to spill her soda. That meant that both my mother and I had to share a bit of our soda with her to make up for it. It didn't take us both long to tell her that she wasn't wearing those shoes again while visiting us-ever.

(sighs) The rest of this week can't zoom by quickly enough for me, especially after what happened yesterday. The morning's quote comes from last week's purchased issue of Robin.

"...It's all about forward progress!" -Robin, Robin #153
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The weekend went quite well, all things considered. One huge mistake on my part cost me, but I've gotten over that and am determined to rectify my mistake next time.

My mother and I visited her friend once again, and this time I was able to ride a horse. Interestingly enough, the horse was named Bill. (I asked Bill if he knew Spock, but he declined to comment.)

I had an amazing time riding on Saturday! I was even braver than my mother since I decided to ride through the orchards later on; during that ride, I had to attempt some Matrix-like moves to avoid getting hit by branches. Nonetheless, I was hit by a few of them.

My nine-year old cousin is staying with us for the week, and save for the days in which she'll be with her elder sister, this may be a week I won't soon forget.

Pictures of me with Bill )
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So far, the day has gone pretty decent, despite the increasing heat. The arrival of heat signifies the appearance of summer, a season I'm used to for a couple of reasons; one reason isn't because you feel like you've been inside a sauna after being outside for only 20-30 minutes.

I left the house around 9:10 and made it home at 11:10-pretty impressive, in my opinion. And, I was able to pick up one issue, since due to Memorial Day, the comic books didn't arrive until today instead of yesterday as originally scheduled. Better late than never, as the old saying goes. And, one of the responses from this issue will be the new quote of the month.

The Charlie Brown team was losing last night at a dismal score of 8-1, I believe; my grandfather and I left a bit early. Today, my mother will be joining my grandfather and I for another baseball game. I hope that things will turn out differently than yesterday. Still, my grandfather stated that you can't win them all. Though, I'm sure he recalls that Charlie Brown has a record of losses-and only a few wins.

Superman/Batman #26 )
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I was completely blown away by what I saw in the third X-Men movie this past Friday. From start to finish, this movie was explosive and off the charts-in my opinion.

From this point onward, there will be my critique on how the movie was, so for those who haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you wait until seeing it before reading this section.

X-Men: The Last Stand )
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Last night was an evening to truly remember. Due to my mother pulling some strings, I watched a baseball game with my grandfather, sans anyone else with us. The game itself was good, even if my self-proclaimed Charlie Brown team took nearly seven innings without scoring a single point! We ended up getting three points prior to the top of the eighth inning. (The opposing team took nearly the entire game and only scored one point during the top of the ninth.)

I had an amazing time with my grandfather and wouldn't mind doing this with him again. My mother informed me that doing this with him would build character and patience; the patience thing I'm still working on, but I believe I built some character throughout last night.

This afternoon, I'll be heading to the theatre and get to see X-3: The Last Stand. The Phoenix makes her appearance, if not the Dark Phoenix as well, and things may finally come to a head in this stunning addition to the X-Men saga. I'm even more eager to see this, as well as somewhat impatient on when Spider-Man 3 will be released.

"...We are engaged in a great Civil War, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure." -Abraham Lincoln

"You gotta give it to him...the man could write." -Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #531


Apr. 4th, 2006 01:25 am
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Pained Heart... )
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My day has gone partly well, aside from the fact that I literally fell asleep while on the job; not a pretty sight, even if I was on a couch and had over 1/2 of what I needed done. I got home when I completed my last task and ate a very late lunch that consisted of a friend's birthday cake leftovers-three pieces, but it was enough.

I finished yet another day of my weekly evening class-one day for the week which leads up to five days-and am somewhat at ease. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit my grandfather along with my mother out in the country. I'm not sure how long that will be, but I enjoy every moment I can spend with him these days. He isn't selling the house, which is great news for me and a feeling of despair has vanished since then.

As things go regarding this upcoming "holiday" within eleven days, I've decided not to let it get to me. A few characters I roleplay in certain communities will be "excited" when that day comes, but I will be neutral about the whole thing entirely.

"He...Clark...doesn't want you to get hurt." -The Batman

"In that case, tell him he's failed." -Supergirl, Superman/Batman #19/Supergirl #0
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Since my mother and I got pizza earlier this week, we didn't get to do so today-the day before my mother's birthday. Instead, we headed to IHOP for dinner; we were going to do so tomorrow morning, but that would put a damper on the plans she and I have.

Strangely enough, I chose against getting what I would normally have for dinner, deciding to get chocolate chip pancakes, two sausages and hash browns. I got some Coca-Cola for a drink instead of the traditional orange juice. Aside from the fact that I had been humbled on the way there, I had a good time with my mother-just being with her and talking about our day.

Tomorrow, my mother will be another year older. Even if I had to spend back-to-back months in getting her presents, I would undoubtedly do so again, and will need to do so again in eleven months. Despite any problems she and I have had, I still love her and am grateful to be her son. Her only son, but her son nonetheless.

"...I should have handled lots of things better." -Tim Drake, Robin #134
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The month when spooks, ghosts, goblins, etc. come out to play-Halloween. October has come upon us, and with it, Autumn-or, Fall-has come in full force.

I didn't have to go into work yesterday, thankfully. I did have to go in today, but I still get paid extra. I even got paid $10.00 from my grandfather when my mother and I went to visit him earlier this morning. (I got paid with a check, but I can get it cashed tomorrow.)

Since there's been a ton of hype about this movie-and, when I say "a ton of hype" I mean a TON of hype!-I decided that I would give the movie Serenity a chance, and will go with my mother to see it tomorrow afternoon. (True, I must pay for the both of us, but I'm getting $50.00, plus, she's my mother. Family is important, even if I don't stress enough on that.) The television series Firefly precedes this movie, interestingly enough. And, since my mother got the series on DVD, I could see the episodes anytime I wanted to.

Got to see the new episode of Teen Titans over an hour ago and enjoyed it. I'd have to say my most favorite part of the episode was the end-The Brain was talking with virtually every single damn villain the Titans have faced for the past four seasons, including Red X! (cheers loudly) I have a very good feeling that this season, the Titans will, quite literally, have their hands full. Have to wait until 10:00 to see Naruto, then another 30 minutes after for Inuyasha, but it'll be worth the wait.

The quote for this evening comes from a Young Justice special issue-basically, the No Man's Land issue; it fits with the theme of this month, ironically.

"...We have human bats, a crocodile man and a giant Killer Moth. In Gotham you blend." -Robin, Young Justice #1: No Man's Land-Road Trip


Sep. 24th, 2005 01:37 am
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Throughout most of this day, other than going to work and doing what I needed to do-as well as coming across a $5.00 bill while heading to work-, my thoughts have been...clouded, so to speak. I don't fully know what to expect as morning continues onward to sunrise, the afternoon, etc. My family and I have plans to have dinner later today, then head out to the cemetary together. Yet, it seems that since my grandmother passed, my family hasn't been as close as we once were. I don't know what to do about it, or if I can do anything about it. Something tells me I can't do anything about it, nor would anyone want me to.

What my grandfather-and my mother-want me to focus on is finding a second job, and being pushed by them both to do so-it's getting to me, even if I don't show my emotions outwardly. I got a call from the college-I can pick up my resume, with their thoughts on what I should do about it-from now until the 14th of October; on that date, my resume will be shredded. I plan to do so this upcoming Monday, make the necessary changes, then take that next step forward.

I just hope I'm strong enough on the inside to continue onward...

Batgirl #68, Robin #142, Supergirl #2, Teen Titans/Outsiders: Secret Files & Origins 2005, Young Justice #35 )


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