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Despite being nearly 30 minutes late to the comic store yesterday morning, I was still able to pick up this month's Red Robin and Batgirl issues. I'll wait approximately 4 more days before putting up the latter's review while as for the former...

There's a reason this month's quote is based on the protagonist's inside voice.

Once a Teen Titan, Always a Teen Titan...Right? )
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As promised, one of my biggest reviews done in quite a while on a hero's entrance into a team...that I really don't think he belongs on for at least another 3-4 years - if EVER!

Word is you need a Robin to LEAD this flock...! )
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Yes, I know I mentioned that I was going to get to these reviews last weekend but unexpected work and lots of other stuff kept me pretty busy. Hopefully I'll get to the second part before Monday, but thankfully I won't be working until Tuesday.

...Technically, I thought of it first. )

The next arc starts off with Red Robin in Moscow, as he's interested in cracking the mysterious supervillain conduit/communications grid known as the Unternet.

Internet or Unternet? )
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I find it nearly humorous to realize that I actually made time to try and work on at least one of my self-promised reviews only 19 days after I stated that I would do so. (Revolving around Young Justice, I'll get to that next week hopefully, and as for Red Robin, Teen Titans and yesterday's released Supergirl I'll pan out during the weekend after work on Saturday.

Saturday also happens to be my Mom's birthday, but as I still haven't got paid yet any presents I would've tried to get her I can't until the following week.

She could've just said it was 'complicated...!' )

After a semi-dramatic, near-filled with Bat-angst, story like that one a breather was needed even if it was only two parts. Enter last week's released issue which has already gotten quite the response, even from critics, concerning two people who don't particularly like each other but have to get along to work together on a Batman: Inc. case...

There's hope for him yet. )
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Happy New Year, everyone! 2010 was an up-and-down year for most people and hopefully 2011 will be just a little bit better in the long run. (For me, I had my fair share of good and bad last year so I'm pretty cool with how it turned out - mostly.)

Based on the same name of the comic book that had a pretty decent run from 1998-2003, the new series from Cartoon Network entitled Young Justice, makes it's debut this upcoming Friday at 7:00 and along with my regular critiques of Red Robin and Batgirl, I'll be observing how this series pans out. (I will get around to posting my takes on the last 2 months of both aforementioned issues; the obvious differences between comic!YJ's Robin & Impulse as well as TV!YJ's Robin & Kid Flash were shown from the start with some similarities.) I'll also start making my opinion known on comic!Teen Titans and the new beginning that started back in October 2010 which will lead to a Red Robin/Teen Titans crossover in February. It's one I've been anticipating and waiting for as it finally reunites Tim Drake with his best friends as well as another encounter confrontation with his successor/brother/rival.

Here's to a great and productive 2011!
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The day, so far, has gone routine-for the most part. I purposely overslept in the morning, though why I did so is beyond me.

I went to the comic book store and was amazed to see that the Teen Titans have finally caught up with their issues; starting next month, the Titans and the Outsiders are in synchronization once again. I was also amazed to see the current issue of Solo, with Damion Scott as the artist/writer, back on the shelf. Sure, it was only one issue, and the price was a bit steep, but I couldn't afford to let it slip past me again; I picked up those two issues, despite the fact that I wanted to get Supergirl & The Legion of Superheroes #18 as well as The New Avengers #19. Hopefully those will be there next week, after the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone.

Solo #10, Teen Titans #36 )
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I can sum up the day for you with one word, and the word isn't nothing, like it was in the Seinfeld series-Tolerable.

Thanks to DC Comics pushing back a certain issue that finally hit stores today, I found myself in a not-so-comfortable position. As much as I wanted to buy Detective Comics #819, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 and Outsiders #36, money was an issue for once, and as I didn't want to be broke, I put those three books back in the hopes that I can pick them up at a later date.

Though, I did read them, and was intrigued by what occurred-Harvey still talking with Two-Face, even though his face isn't scarred, a confrontation with Batman and Robin against Killer Croc, Jason Bard being attacked in his own home, the Outsiders' face-off against the speedster who was revealed to be Jay Garrick-the only Flash in existence, though that will be touched on later-and, in the Marvel homefront, Spider-Man's run-in with not only his Uncle Ben, but the Hobgoblin from the year 2211! (I'm still amazed I can remember the date!)

After reading the three books that I picked up however, I have mixed feelings about all of them for different reasons.

Infinite Crisis #7, Supergirl #6, Teen Titans #35 )
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Even if it's still only around 1:30 PM, my day has gone very well, despite the fact that my emotions are mixed. Perhaps it's due to the comic books I got earlier after getting off work, or maybe some other reason.

Once I finish my lunch, even if it's been over an hour since noon, I'll see to getting my emotions on a more positive scale than what they're like now.

Batman: Detective Comics #818, Infinite Crisis #6, Outsiders #35, Teen Titans #34 )
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I could've had this up yesterday, but due to the antivirus system on the computer, it had prevented me from logging online; had to deactivate one of the systems in order to get back online today. Quite frustrating to hear, and a huge annoyance.

On the good news page, my day did go well yesterday up until the computer debacle-read Birds of Prey #92 and thought it was good-it was pleasing to see Dinah, even if her appearance did result in one shocking event I hadn't expected to see turn out the way it did! I picked up two comic books, then two magazines later on the same evening at Wal-Mart.

I made the newest icon for only one main reason-after checking at Newsarama, if I hadn't been sitting down, I probably would've attempted a backflip out of sheer joy and-dare I say it-pure Robin geekdom. Within less than one week, Robin #148 along with Batman #651 will be released. Case in Point:


The first four pages promised by Adam Beechen-new Robin writer-that were guaranteed to change Tim's life completely? True to his word. Also, the previously mentioned 6-part issue that would've spanned Robin #148 to Robin #153? Pushed down to a 4-part issue which ends with Robin #151.

My cleaning went decent enough-only had the right side of my mouth taken care of; will have to go in next Tuesday to get the left side of my mouth done. But, I'm certain it will be worth it come March 22nd.

Nightwing #118; Teen Titans Annual #1 )
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Aside from the fact that I went into work, went to my weekly evening class, and had a decent talk with a friend, my day was soured when I quickly got online for a short time earlier. After checking in at DCComics.com, I was shocked and appalled to see that the listing for Teen Titans #34 had been pushed from this Wednesday-soon to be tomorrow-all the way to April 5th! Normally, I wouldn't be that upset about something as trivial like this, but DC Comics has stated that all of their books would catch up to each other officially this month. So far, two stabs in the back concerning Supergirl and Teen Titans!

If I don't see two covers concerning Teen Titans #34 this upcoming Wednesday at the comic book store-both of them, since I may just decide to make a second trip-I will be beside myself with brimming anger. On the plus side, Nightwing #118 will still be released, and that is something to look forward to. The question is...which Nightwing will it be, and who will be behind that mask?

Tomorrow, within 8 hours, I will finally have my teeth cleaned. The nervousness still hasn't reared its ugly head, though I don't look forward to this moment in my life.
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Save for the fact that I must embark on cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom-once more-my day was decent. The sun's out, no sign of rain whatsoever, I went to work, did what I needed to do there and went by the comic book store.

As predicted, they'd run out of Batman Annual, but they had Detective Comics #817 there, especially since it was late by two days and I hadn't bothered to check last Friday for its arrival. I picked up a current issue, an issue pushed back by a month, and a back issue that hadn't been released since October 1999.

Detective Comics #817; Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #5; Teen Titans #33 )
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Aside from not being able to meet up with my friend as we had planned, my day went exceptionally well. Got in and out of work without a hitch, and even finished a part of my homework for my evening class. Wasn't able to afford Nightwing #117 this week, but hope to pick it up next week. (I read it and was very pleased with the end results!)

Green Arrow #45; Robin #147; Supergirl #4; Teen Titans #32 )


Jan. 10th, 2006 10:15 pm
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I made a conscious decision this past Sunday after I got paid. (Not about buying one of two birthday presents for my mother-I already told myself I was going to do that.) There are those who would say my decision was childish, but I had the money, and I had the opportunity.

Before getting to that, it feels like my chest congestion may have fully gone away, but I still plan to pace myself for the next few days or so. I have another evening class I get to take, which started yesterday, but I didn't have to stay for too long.

I get to catch a break in regards to Marvel Comics-for once, it doesn't seem like DC Comics is shipping out issues I would want this week, so tomorrow I may have a review in regards to the first of three conclusions to Spider-Man: The Other saga, since Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 is supposed to be released. (Wasn't planning on not getting Danger Girl: Back in Black #3, which also comes out tomorrow. Both issues cost $2.99, meaning I may have to pay a grand total of $6.46. And, I actually have the price calculated in my head. I think I may go hit my head against a pillow, since a wall would cause damage.)

I also had to clean the bathtub this afternoon for nearly an hour. My arms still ache from having to ensure the tub was cleaned from top to bottom, but if others I know can endure this, I can. Anyway, the decision I made this past Sunday revolves around Teen Titans. (Thanks to CosmiCastaway for that Spyboy/Young Justice #2 link; I really appreciate it!)

Teen Titans )
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I went into work, early like I usually do on Wednesday, but since I had to put those tables away on Monday, the only thing I had to do was take out the trash, which was good. Though, I still ended up 5 minutes late to the comic book store, since I missed the bus and decided to walk instead of waiting for the next one. I got two issues for the price of $7.01, and read a few others that I will pick up at a later date.

In other excellent news, I've nearly finished paying off my Layaway items. All I need to do is head by a bank early tomorrow, get my check cashed, then head down to Wal-Mart and pay the remainder of the bill-$6.87, I believe the current price is.

Infinite Crisis #2; Teen Titans #29 )
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Staying home for one part of the weekend and having to do laundry felt like it did on Thursday-without leaving the house temporarily to pick up a few comic books-immensely boring.

Like last Saturday evening, I was able to see the latest episode of Teen Titans. For those who haven't seen it yet, I'll just say this-spectacular. I can't wait for the nail-biting conclusion next week. That, along with planning to order a back issue of Robin, had to have been the highlight of my day-and commenting to others' responses at a certain cafe.

No quote for this day, yet I shall have one on my next update.


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