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Dec. 15th, 2005 08:47 pm
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Things seem to have gone a bit better for me this time around-with the exception of the fog that's come in and, for the past two days, has shrouded the skies and virtually left us without the sun. (True, it's still up there, yet no one can see it.) I could see the moon yesterday evening, but this evening, I couldn't see it at all.

I bought two current up-to-date issues yesterday before heading into work-one up-to-date, one that was pushed back one month-and two back issues. It cost me a bit more than I'd planned, but I believe it was worth it. The reason it cost me a bit more was due to the fact that I made a decision that I know was worth it-I decided on Tuesday to head to Borders and buy my mother's last Christmas present. And, since I have done so, I can honestly say that I'm finished with my shopping.

Today, I got to head to where I normally get my hair cut and basically got my haircut once more. (My mother provided me with the money, and informed me that I was to give her the change.) That means that my current picture is of the past, but as someone I know once said "c'est la vie."

JLA #123; Superboy #33; Supergirl #55; Teen Titans #30 )
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I'll talk about the issues I bought today-and yesterday-in a separate link. (sighs) It seems as if things are getting worse with every week that passes. First, the terrible tragedies concerning Hurricane Katrina back in August. Then, Hurricane Rita. Now...Hurricane Wilma. (is sorely tempted to mention something about the Flintstones.)

I haven't had time to accurately look at this link yet, but I'm hoping that the people who live near where Wilma is heading have evacuated or are in the process of evacuating. (sighs) That's me...always the optimist, trying to find a shade of good in what are potentially bad situations.

Batgirl #20; Batgirl #25; Batgirl #69; Robin #143 )
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This will be another short entry, as I have places I need to be this afternoon and need some sleep. I went to work early this morning, did what I needed to do and changed my plans. I headed down to the college first and headed to the cafeteria. I picked up some flyers about some job prospects that looked interesting, as well as some candy. (I've eaten some, but will give some to my mother later). I went by the Job Resources Center, but it will be closed until 2:00, when the Job Faire closes.

Afterward, I got onto the bus and headed down to Heroes, where I noticed a plethora of Teen Titans, yet their book wasn't released this week. They guest-starred in Supergirl #2 (Superboy included), were a major part of Teen Titans/Outsiders: Secret Files & Origins 2005, plus Robin had his own moments of glory-so to speak-with the Veteran in the pages of Robin #142; Batgirl hasn't quite figured out who her mother is within the pages of Batgirl #68, but I doubt it could be Shiva. The signs all point to "yes," but with Freeze added into the mix, anything is possible.

The quote for this day comes from Teen Titans/Outsiders: Secret Files & Origins 2005.

"...You don't think I have what it takes to lead, then?" -Robin

"You're different, Tim. Craftier." -Starfire

"Robin's always been a part of the Titans. It's his team now." -Nightwing, Teen Titans/Outsiders: Secret Files & Origins 2005-Teen Titans Hunt
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For the most part, my day went fairly well-though, the sun can't be tossed into the conversation, since it's still partially hot outside. (Not at the moment, however). I was able to come across these back issues today and claim them for myself:

Young Justice #1-

Young Justice #20-
Young Justice #47-

The issues were worth the money I paid for them, and like the issues I came across yesterday, I'm pleased I came across these today. Yet, going to work tomorrow doesn't quite strike me as something to look forward to, even if that is the only way I'm able to get paid. The quote for this evening comes from one of the aforementioned back issues.

"...I see Batman...he's speaking VERY slowly...he's saying..." -Robin

"Robin? What'd he say?" -Wonder Girl

"He, um...he said 'Robin, put down the binoculars.'" -Robin, Young Justice #20
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Being woken up around 6:20 AM wasn't something I had expected one bit. I stay up until a certain time of night, then head to bed. Though, if I need to, I stay up later than normally. (grins) I have someone to thank for my changes to my sleep clock.

My plans for today aren't much, but they're what I can fit into my schedule: head to work, then get onto a bus, and head to my college. Reason being? Near there is a comic book store, and they have a pretty good collection of back issues, and since I was paid, I plan to get some issues while I still can, hopefully. Afterward, I plan to get home, and must embark on another self-appointed mission-cleaning the bathroom. Yay.

The quote for this morning comes from the current issue of Batgirl.

"Even when I don't look for it...trouble finds me." -Cassandra, Batgirl #66

Robin #50

Jul. 23rd, 2005 07:15 pm
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Despite the hot, humidity of the day, today was actually a good day. (points to cover) Thanks to that company, and that site.

I had mailed the intended money to Mile High Comics on Monday July 11, 2005, and the issue reached me today. Over a week long, but they say patience is a virtue. At times, it helps to be patient. Also, as promised, are my thoughts on two certain issues I collected this past week.

Batgirl #66: The issue was good, yet the unexpected kiss between Cassandra and Zero threw me off. Tossing in the OMAC disguised as a woman threw me off as well, but I suppose that links the book-somewhat-with The OMAC Project. I hope Cassandra will appear in costume in the next issue, when the Birds of Prey guest-star.

JSA Classified #1: This one was really good, and it helped that I chose to "step out of my familiar surroundings, and try something new" as someone once said to me. I enjoyed seeing Power Girl's past, and the numerous possibilities of where she came from, yet saw a predictable trend-somewhat-concerning nearly too many panels of...her upper body. I'm eager to see how the Legion will fit into this, yet am even more anticipating the debut of the new Supergirl comic book next month. The quote for this afternoon/evening comes from my mailed issue. (I know I have two of the same issue, but one of them doesn't have torn out pages).

"What can you do to make a difference...?" -Robin, Robin #50
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Three different subjects to discuss as the evening draws closer to midnight. As promised, my thoughts on Nightwing #110:

That link is the cover, which tells you right off the bat that the issue will be extremely dark. (In my opinion, at least.) Throughout nearly the entire issue, Dick wasn't in costume-which I didn't like-not even during his conversation with Robin/Tim Drake, which truly showed some nice brother/brother moments between them. However, despite those moments, Dick seemed to push Robin away, especially during the stunning moment when he kicked over a newspaper stand. The added caution that Deathstroke will show up in next month's issue made this a well-worth issue to buy.

Concerning the 2nd InuYasha movie, it was tantalizing and powerful from the get-go, from beginning to end! And, it is definitely worth seeing, since longtime InuYasha/Kagome fans get to see the long-awaited kiss between the two of them near the end of the movie. Yes, I saw the Japanese version of it, with English subtitles, yet I will give the translated version a shot as well.

Currently, I am twenty-four years old. I'm suffering from a major dilemma of writer's block as it relates to my story that I still want to get published. Despite my pros/cons in life, I'm determined to stay focused, and optimistic, even if I have to be a little realistic at times.

I haven't done this in quite a long while (compared myself with a comic book character), but like a fictional Boy Wonder, this is gonna be a new beginning for me. The upcoming quote will be from the aforementioned issue of Nightwing.

"...He's been through so much, and weathered it so well." -Dick Grayson, Nightwing #110: Incorporation
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Staying home for one part of the weekend and having to do laundry felt like it did on Thursday-without leaving the house temporarily to pick up a few comic books-immensely boring.

Like last Saturday evening, I was able to see the latest episode of Teen Titans. For those who haven't seen it yet, I'll just say this-spectacular. I can't wait for the nail-biting conclusion next week. That, along with planning to order a back issue of Robin, had to have been the highlight of my day-and commenting to others' responses at a certain cafe.

No quote for this day, yet I shall have one on my next update.


Jul. 1st, 2005 04:50 pm
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While at work earlier, there for a little over two hours, it came to me-today was my grandmother's birthday. I don't quite recall how old she was when she died, but after talking with my mother, I found out my grandmother would've been 78 officially today.

(Yes-I replaced my personally made icon. True, I liked how it looked, but wasn't too thrilled with its size.)

Despite the fact that summer is one of my two favorite seasons, I will never get used to the blazing hot sun that seems to creep upon us during the month of July. (Personally, I don't think anyone does.)

The quote for today comes from Teen Titans #25 and Outsiders #25.

"When you're talking about saving lives, everything you do is personal." -Robin, Teen Titans #25

"It wasn't supposed to be personal. But it is." -Nightwing, Outsiders #25


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