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Despite being nearly 30 minutes late to the comic store yesterday morning, I was still able to pick up this month's Red Robin and Batgirl issues. I'll wait approximately 4 more days before putting up the latter's review while as for the former...

There's a reason this month's quote is based on the protagonist's inside voice.

Once a Teen Titan, Always a Teen Titan...Right? )
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As promised, one of my biggest reviews done in quite a while on a hero's entrance into a team...that I really don't think he belongs on for at least another 3-4 years - if EVER!

Word is you need a Robin to LEAD this flock...! )
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I find it nearly humorous to realize that I actually made time to try and work on at least one of my self-promised reviews only 19 days after I stated that I would do so. (Revolving around Young Justice, I'll get to that next week hopefully, and as for Red Robin, Teen Titans and yesterday's released Supergirl I'll pan out during the weekend after work on Saturday.

Saturday also happens to be my Mom's birthday, but as I still haven't got paid yet any presents I would've tried to get her I can't until the following week.

She could've just said it was 'complicated...!' )

After a semi-dramatic, near-filled with Bat-angst, story like that one a breather was needed even if it was only two parts. Enter last week's released issue which has already gotten quite the response, even from critics, concerning two people who don't particularly like each other but have to get along to work together on a Batman: Inc. case...

There's hope for him yet. )
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Damian Wayne, created-and raised-in a vat of chemicals, is the 'son' of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. He's a character who's upbringing-around the League of Assassins-as well as downright annoying attitude toward everyone makes him a 10-year-old kid that you either love to hate or hate to love. I fall more toward the former in this case for quite a few reasons, even if in the recent Red Robin #14 issue he throws a surprising 180 for just a moment. (Surprisingly, if there's anything I actually like about the brat, it's that he refers to his 'allies' by their last names-Grayson, Drake, Pennyworth...)

The History of the 5th Robin )

Since he's recently returned to Gotham as Red Robin, things are still questionable between them especially since Damian discovered that Tim was doing the same thing Bruce has quite a few times-keeping tabs on the heroes as well as the villains-and guess who ends up being part of that list?

Damn you, Drake...! )
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The year in general has had it's share of ups and downs for me, but I'm determined to not let the bad things depress me during this month-like, a friend of mine moving away a couple weeks ago for example. Time, and being out of the house for quite a while has kept me from updating this journal, but I've kept as up-to-date on my RPing journals as best I can.

On the matter of the holiday season, I will be spending it with my immediate family-mother, grandfather, aunt and cousins, etc.-something that we haven't done since the year before my grandmother passed away. I still miss her a lot, especially during this time of the year. I'm not entirely sure about being out on the road, especially since Christmas marks the 4th anniversary since my mother and I hit a dog while coming home from visiting my grandparents back in December 25, 2002.

On the plus side, I will no doubt be looking after my little cousin this upcoming week since she will be staying with us. And, I have finally gotten around to changing my wallpaper to one I enjoy just as much; also changed the monthly quote since I was able to pick up this month's Batman: Detective Comics that features Robin-Tim Drake-finally facing off against the Joker.

It wasn't that difficult to not imagine hearing Mark Hamill's voice while reading the Jokeresque parts in the issue. The quote for this evening/morning comes from the aforementioned issue.

"It does my heart good to know that today's mindless youth has not forgotten the classics." -The Joker

"Don't make jokes. Just go 'Batman' on his ass." -Robin, Batman: Detective Comics #826
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The day so far, save for finding out something concerning my friends that upset me, has gone rather well-and since I've picked up two new issues of Supergirl and Teen Titans, I'm stunned and amazed over what's taken place.

I hung out with my friends yesterday afternoon near my home, but still within the complex. One of them was nice enough to bring sodas for us. However, it was afterward that caused my evening-and part of this morning-to sour. One of my other friends, after the former had left and I had to head back, left our empty cans littered on the ground and assumed that I would be back and put them in the recycling bins! I had been informed about this last night, and that got me irked.

This morning, upon my return from the comic book store, I knew that I would have no alternative but to do just that-otherwise, the office would be alerted to the incident and my mother would get in trouble-hence, I would be in trouble. I don't plan to hang out with my friends during the remainder of this week, and perhaps not next week either. My mother told me that my friends were high-maintenance; I'd have to agree wholeheartedly with her.

Batman #654, Supergirl #7, Teen Titans #37, The Amazing Spider-Man #533 )
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Saw a quiz in a friend's journal, and decided to take it. I'm not surprised whatsoever with the results. (Though, had I gotten Batman-or Alfred-I would probably be shocked beyond belief.)

I may do an update later on today, or I could wait until tomorrow. Either way, I plan on updating again this week.

Robin The Boy Wonder )
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The past few days-Monday, Tuesday and yesterday-have been unexpected, but well worth the unexpectedness, in my opinion. Sure, turning 25 was eventful, but it's been the aftermath of my birthday that's been just as memorable as the 18th.

Supergirl, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, Robin #151 )
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So far, the day has gone pretty decent, despite the increasing heat. The arrival of heat signifies the appearance of summer, a season I'm used to for a couple of reasons; one reason isn't because you feel like you've been inside a sauna after being outside for only 20-30 minutes.

I left the house around 9:10 and made it home at 11:10-pretty impressive, in my opinion. And, I was able to pick up one issue, since due to Memorial Day, the comic books didn't arrive until today instead of yesterday as originally scheduled. Better late than never, as the old saying goes. And, one of the responses from this issue will be the new quote of the month.

The Charlie Brown team was losing last night at a dismal score of 8-1, I believe; my grandfather and I left a bit early. Today, my mother will be joining my grandfather and I for another baseball game. I hope that things will turn out differently than yesterday. Still, my grandfather stated that you can't win them all. Though, I'm sure he recalls that Charlie Brown has a record of losses-and only a few wins.

Superman/Batman #26 )
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The day, so far, has gone routine-for the most part. I purposely overslept in the morning, though why I did so is beyond me.

I went to the comic book store and was amazed to see that the Teen Titans have finally caught up with their issues; starting next month, the Titans and the Outsiders are in synchronization once again. I was also amazed to see the current issue of Solo, with Damion Scott as the artist/writer, back on the shelf. Sure, it was only one issue, and the price was a bit steep, but I couldn't afford to let it slip past me again; I picked up those two issues, despite the fact that I wanted to get Supergirl & The Legion of Superheroes #18 as well as The New Avengers #19. Hopefully those will be there next week, after the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone.

Solo #10, Teen Titans #36 )
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The day went better than I'd expected it to go, honestly. The appointment I had set up at the college regarding my job hunting was almost a half-hour, and I was able to make it to where I wanted to go before 10:00. Upon my arrival, I was able to pick up one comic book. (I'd been tempted to get the Supergirl #5 issue that had a cover done by Michael Turner, but figured I could wait a few more days.) Afterward, I went to work, then home to complete my amount of chores.

Nightwing #120, Robin #150 )
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The day had it's shares of ups and downs. As the week draws to a close, and the eventual end of the month, I find myself plaqued with familiar feelings. A friend's grandmother passed on last night, and another friend was affected by it; they were close, from what I was told. I was reminded of my grandmother and how, within the next few weeks, I may have her on my mind quite a bit.

While at Heroes, I skimmed through a few comic books and read Solo #10, a series that only comes out on even-numbered months; the next one will come out in June. I was intrigued that Stephanie was Robin in one of the stories, and how Tim was Batman in the last story and is apparently an item with Cassie, who is still Batgirl-no mention on whether it's Cassandra Cain or not, since her hair is colored differently, though one would assume she is. Didn't pick it up, but will eventually do so next week. My mother bought a comic book as well:Serenity-Those Left Behind. Once she's finished reading it, I will take a crack at it myself. (She's finished reading it, so I get to take a crack at reading it sometime this week.)

I also looked at The Battle for Bludhaven #2 and was intrigued to see the Titans at the beginning; I was even more intrigued to see Wonder Girl among the team members. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing as to if she'll eventually rejoin the team come Teen Titans #35? Only a guess, but it's a possibility.

The Amazing Spider-Man #531, Batman #652, Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #17 )
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Yesterday went rather well, if you can make note that I had to go to work early and ended up late going by Heroes. It didn't matter much, as I still got what I'd wanted. Sometime during the afternoon, I helped my mother pick up a new entertainment center-basically a TV stand-for the apartment at Wal-Mart as well as a CD shelf; I get the old entertainment center, which means I get to clean out a spot in my room for it. Today, however, could turn out something entirely different.

Robin #149 )
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The day was decent enough, as I was able to purchase the next issue of Nightwing as planned. Afterward, I went over to my friend's house, then over to another friend's house, and we all hung out for a time until a few of us had to go home. I was able to make it home a little after 5:30, which wasn't too bad in my opinion.

Nightwing #119 )
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Even if it's still only around 1:30 PM, my day has gone very well, despite the fact that my emotions are mixed. Perhaps it's due to the comic books I got earlier after getting off work, or maybe some other reason.

Once I finish my lunch, even if it's been over an hour since noon, I'll see to getting my emotions on a more positive scale than what they're like now.

Batman: Detective Comics #818, Infinite Crisis #6, Outsiders #35, Teen Titans #34 )
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The remnant of the week went pretty well. I survived not having the computer for a total of five days-Sunday through Thursday-and was able to pick up four issues on Wednesday-three DC; one Marvel. At the moment, I'm alone in the house-my mother went on a trip with some people that she knows, and from today until sometime on Sunday, I have the place entirely to myself.

Batman #651, Robin #148, The Amazing Spider-Man #530, Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes #16 )
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Currently hanging out with a friend of mine at the college, my day has gone somewhat decently. I got another haircut, but this one was free of charge-meaning I didn't have to pay, which was a good thing. The computer at home is currently having some problems, which isn't good. Hopefully this will be remedied soon, but I have my doubts.

Tomorrow, I get to go back to the clinic to get the left side of my teeth cleaned; afterward, I won't need to go in any longer. Despite the fact that I've enjoyed making these rounds, having to leave at 7:00 AM isn't something I enjoy these days. Within the next few days, I'll be picking up the latest Batman & Robin issues, as well as Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes and The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm especially looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

Today is known as the first day of Spring; haven't seen much of the sun, since it's been blocked by a ton of clouds. Technically, the 21st should be the first day, but that's a discussion I'd rather not get into.
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Aside from not being able to meet up with my friend as we had planned, my day went exceptionally well. Got in and out of work without a hitch, and even finished a part of my homework for my evening class. Wasn't able to afford Nightwing #117 this week, but hope to pick it up next week. (I read it and was very pleased with the end results!)

Green Arrow #45; Robin #147; Supergirl #4; Teen Titans #32 )
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My mother's birthday went quite well this past Sunday-I gave her the presents I'd bought her and she enjoyed them tremendously. The week has gone pretty good also-work has gone by fast, yet the only upsetting part is the fact that I still haven't gotten those forms from the teacher at the college. It's been nearly three weeks; I certainly must've gotten something by this time.

Today, much like last week, I ended up buying a DC comic book and a Marvel one-though, I got two Marvel comic books instead of one-I was able to get the back issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 while at the shop today. I now have a total of six of the 12-part saga; the only issues I need to collect are Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3, Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19, 20, 21, and The Amazing Spider-Man #526 and 527.

Robin #146; The Amazing Spider-Man #528 )
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I ended up doing the same thing this week that I did the last week-headed into Heroes first, since I ended up making myself late by taking a bit too long in the shower, before going by my work. It worked out for the best, I think. Not only did I pick up the issues mentioned below, but I came across a Spider-man book-called Carnage in New York-that I hadn't read in a long time, and bought it. (I wanted to get The Venom Factor hardcover, since that cost only $9.00, but my choices on what to buy this week prevented me from doing so. If it's still there next week, perhaps I'll get to buy it then.)

I haven't reread the aforementioned Spider-Man book, but hope to find time to do so later on.

Batgirl #71; Infinite Crisis #3; Robin #145 )


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